3 Relationship Solutions for Highly Sensitive People

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Are your relationship feeling challenged these days?

Today we focus on 3 solutions to solve some of the biggest relationship problems for HSPs. If you’re ready to focus on building a life that you love with others, this is a must-read article to curb your anxiety, stress and heal your mental health.

Calling all sensitive friends and colleagues who are ready for a change: If you’re a people-pleaser, if you’re tired of repetitive negative habits, if you’re giving people the cold shoulder, or if you feel bothered by everything, you can easily learn how to manage your sensitivity better than ever.

People-pleasing tendencies, moodiness, and a repetitive cycle of being bothered by everything can create tense relationships that make you feel as if you’re walking on a thin high wire.

Stop the Self-Sabotage: It just so happens that people-pleasing almost always ends up with feelings of self-sabotage which is a handicap of many HSPs. Be considerate of yourself when you’re changing behaviors. It’s a delicate process. I don’t want you to beat up on yourself. As a holistic mindset coach specializing in working with highly sensitive people, I cater my services to clients tired of their overwhelm, fear, worry and anxiety. I can help you rebuild your relationships with loved ones, family, and career connections so that you live the life that you deserve.

I put together 3 challenges that you might be familiar with and have given you three mental health solutions to change behaviors for the better. When you read this next portion, understand that stress and anxiety for a highly sensitive person is real, and you are in good hands when it comes to the Rescripting Technique.

CHALLENGE 1: Being a people pleaser.

When your sensitivity forces you to try too hard to make people like you, it’s time for a return to self. Catch yourself trying to please everyone and instead of worrying about what others think, put the focus back on you. Be in charge of your self-respect… you got this! And they will still like you! Maybe even more.

CHALLENGE 2:  Giving people a closed-off cold shoulder. 

When you’re extremely moody and don’t know how to shake it off, and you show up at work or home as crabby, you can Rescript your behavior by giving yourself a 60-second rule when you’re with people. Self-critical people can come off cold to others, but you can rewire your stress with a moment of breath.

CHALLENGE 3: Personality types that feel bothered by everything. 

Ah yes, You’re caught. When you’re bothered by everything, your body and mind need to release tension. You’re pent-up! Which is a physiological symbol to slow down! You can Rescript this behavior into self-acceptance. Appreciate yourself for who you are, people and things will bother you less.

These quick solutions go far deeper, and there’s much more to tell you about healing your sensitivities. Explore our articles to read about how being an HSP is a gift and how you can overcome it by participating in a few Rescripting Sessions.

Rescripting is the #1 answer to holistically healing your stress and sensitive tendencies in relationships. 

Your relationships call on you to be your best. You need to be your best, and if you let me help you, we’ll get there faster.

Try a Rescripting session or package today and let go of the challenges your body needs to release.


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