4 Reasons Why You May Feel Stuck. Hurry to #3!

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Release regrets from past roadblocks and find freedom.

Over the past few weeks, my clients have expressed their dismay at feeling an impasse, not knowing why they feel off or the best next step they should take. They told me they were experiencing …

  • Lack of direction
  • Fear of failure
  • Overwhelm
  • Negative self-talk
  • Expectations not met, again, and again and again
  • Perfectionism
  • Burn out

If these downers feel familiar, I’ll tell you how to release your stuckness at the end of this article, especially if you feel uncomfortable in your own skin. (Hint: it’s within easy reach).

Curious that you could be a common personality type that feels stuck? Check out these top four.

  1. The unrealistic expectation setter. Setting the bar too high is an inefficient way of seeing yourself in a positive light. It will take you further away from the goals you set, and it could be a symptom of being a highly sensitive person.
  2. The person who always puts themselves down. Do you tell yourself you’re not skinny, wealthy, bright, or engaged enough? Feel free to add your favorite put-down phrase here. Constant negative language will prevent any progress from sticking and make you feel uncomfortable in your own skin.
  3. The people pleaser. There’s a high chance that a lack of validation from childhood causes insecurity, and if untreated, it can haunt you for years for fear of rejection. 
  4. The constant worrier. Does your mind tell you to be super cautious, which leads to procrastination and non-action? Is your heart constantly beating from nerves?

Trying to transform from a low place is a doomed experience—mindset patterns like these cause most people to feel like they are failing because they come from a place of lack. If you are a highly sensitive person, these four personality indifferences could be the reason you feel stuck.

What comes next is feeling overly sensitive, unlovable, unworthy of change, and saying, “I don’t feel comfortable in my own skin.”

ENTER A 2024 breakthrough from a wellness coach in NYC! 

Now that I’ve got your attention, what’s your next best step to feel comfortable in your own skin again? How will you own the idea that you are a highly sensitive person? 

I have ideas!

There’s a new way to train your brain so you can finally get traction in your life without feeling constant pressure.

If you feel stuck, as wellness coach in NYC that works with clients virtually, I can:

Teach you how not to give up and feel frustrated.

Give you tools to fortify your strengths and help you get to the finish line. 

There’s a highly-rated, unique holistic coaching method that clients refer to as “magic” that guides you out of self-criticism and stops you from feeling paralyzed, restrained, and closed in with no options left.

I have over 30 years of experience finding and releasing clients’ blind spots to pave the way to a positive mindset, happiness, and even abundance.

That program regarded as “magic” is the one I created called Rescripting, and it is a comfortable, interactive, holistic life coaching technique that covers a lot of healing ground with long-term results in a very short period of time. 

Need a hand out of those quicksand-limiting beliefs? I can help!

Take care,


Wellness coach in NYC, and founder of The Rescripting technique

PS. Learn how to get unstuck at the start of this year for clarity and success in 2024.

Client Rave:

“I’m doing soooo much better. Our last call really helped me formulate a good plan together with my husband. Also made some headway in business planning.” L.C.,  Tennessee 


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