7 Signs of High Sensitivity in Relationships

7 Signs of High Sensitivity in Relationships_HSP

In my holistic coaching practice, I specialize in working with highly sensitive people (HSP) who want tools and strategies to better manage their emotions, including anxiety and discouragement.

Whether your sensitivity issues concern a marriage, partner, colleague, boss, family member, or customer, you and I will holistically look at your lifestyle, connections, behaviors, and feelings to discover solutions that heal what plagues your mental health.

You can break free from cyclical mental habits which may be causing pain in your relationships and rewrite the story of your life.

Here are 7 signs to look for in your interactions with others to see if sensitivity is causing anxiety and getting in the way of connection and empathy.

1. You take on other people’s feelings as your own. Absorbing someone else’s emotions can cause you to feel moody, anxious, depressed, and stressed.

2. You might need more alone time to recharge. As an HSP, you probably require more time to relax and enjoy self-care than others less sensitive. Be sure to talk about your need for downtime to those with close relationships so they will understand.

3. You’re most likely easily disappointed by others. The stories in your mind can be overly dramatic, so be sure to question them to see if they’re true or if you’re just reacting to events in your past.

4. You get caught up in the “small stuff” and turn them into bigger problems. Making a molehill into a mountain is an easy thing to do when you’re an HSP. This could result from overthinking, which is exhausting and depletes your energy.

5. Be on the lookout for sensitivity turning into anger. Extreme reactivity can cause conflicts in relationships.

6. You may constantly feel as if you’re not good enough. Feelings of unworthiness can deplete you.

7. Your uncanny ability to intuitively scope out situations can lead to critical, hurtful observations of yourself and others. Be mindful of your self-expression and remember others may be sensitive, too, so use tact in what you say.


If any of the 7 signs above ring a bell, let’s you and I have a Rescripting conversation so that you can learn more about my revolutionary and proprietary way to release anxiety to transform habits and accept yourself for who you are.

Rescripting is different from therapy, and it offers much more than a traditional coaching session for mental health. A client who came for just a few sessions said, “I am so grateful to have you in my corner! You saved me weeks of unnecessary despair. Thank God for you in my life!”

Rescripting results are fast, and they get to the root cause of relationship sensitivity issues. Anyone who feels as though their overly sensitive traits are harming their life connections from work to family and love can find the help they need here.

You don’t have to be nervous, overwhelmed, and insecure anymore. Your mental health deserves a break. You don’t have to be a people-pleaser, nor a perfectionist… all you need to do is be you. The new Rescripted you is coming. Rewrite your life with me.

Schedule a Discovery call today to learn more about how sensitivity doesn’t have to affect your relationships. Begin your healing progress.

P.S. If you’re an HSP, I’m happy to discuss your specific questions and needs. You can learn more about first time Rescripting sessions here if you’re feeling curious about a new approach.


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