Are You a Highly Sensitive Person? Find Out!

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Have you ever been called “too sensitive”?

If you feel as though you may be a very sensitive person, this article will surely resonate. In fact, it may help you to learn more about yourself, take loving ownership of your exquisite emotions, and to help you set the boundaries you need to navigate in a positive and healthy way in the world.

If you feel that you’re super-sensitive when the issue comes to certain people, friendships, relationships, or heightened stimuli such as lights and sounds, let’s start with a few key takeaways on being an HSP:

  1. A highly sensitive person, also known as an HSP, is an individual who experiences the world differently than others. 
  2. HSPs make up about 20 percent of the population, men and women alike.
  3. Being an HSP is not a disorder—it’s a trait.
  4. HSPs can be prone to stress and overwhelm more often than those less sensitive because their brains process information, emotions, and thoughts very deeply. 
  5. HSPs can be perceptive, creative, insightful, and intuitive individuals.  


The truth is, we’re all bit sensitive sometimes, and I’m a holistic mindset coach who can help HSPs who experience an overload of information due to their brains processing too much at once, frustration, sadness, and overwhelm.

This heightened sensitivity to stimuli can manifest in feeling reactive and irritable, sometimes to the point that escaping seems like the only solution to experiencing discomfort, embarrassment, or frustration. 

Does this changing, uncertain world feel as though it’s just too much? Are you feeling stress?

Explaining such overstimulation to people who may not understand isn’t easy, and HSPs may feel shame and insecurity due to having this reaction in the first place. Chances are, however, these are likely familiar responses from the past, even from when an HSP was very young. 

Do you ever feel this way?

When you don’t seem to fit into a stressful world and if you feel that you may be an HSP, please visit my website to learn about a special technique I use called Rescripting, which is designed to rewrite difficult emotions that take place when a person feels overly reactive with stress.

In just a few Rescripting sessions, you’ll begin to reprogram the mindset that gets in your way of having a happy, calm life. A holistic mindset coach can assist!

Help is on the way for HSPs! 

The Rescripting technique offers tools that change negative self-talk to self-confidence and self-care, eliminating frustration and exhaustion. Disruption is inevitable, but when life presents abrupt changes, you can learn to effectively break free from the daily fight against overwhelm.

Whether you’ve been thinking you’re an HSP after reading the above or have an inkling that you’re overly sensitive to others, you’ll find immediate coaching solutions available at Rescript Your Life Now.

If you’ve been following my Rescripting newsletter and social media, you know that one of the strongest areas of my expertise is in helping people with deep, inner self-conflict.

Rewrite yourself a new script about your unique qualities and strengths.

Are you a highly sensitive person? Let’s have a conversation.

Schedule a Discovery Call today, or book a Rescripting Session for your sensitivities if you’re 100 percent ready to receive help.

P.S. Please know that nothing’s wrong with you! You can learn to navigate oversensitivity and stress when you have the right holistic mindset coach who “gets you.”



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