Are You Struggling With Trapped Anxiety?

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If you’re like most of my holistic life coach clients, I would say that almost all of you (and the rest of us) have hidden anxiety clues that, while unknown to us, affect our world, nevertheless. These clues have been trapped within, causing blockages since childhood, but no one understands what they are to relieve the underlying stress.

Until now.

Signs like the ones below can be clues to hidden issues:

*Daily exhaustion from ongoing work.

*Second-guessing every decision. 

*An over-focus on appearance and body shame.

*Feeling as if your highly sensitive personality is a flaw.

*Unwanted emotions you just can’t shake.

At Rescript Your Life Now, I am a holistic life coach with 30 years of experience to help you manage anxiety and stress by identifying and overcoming limiting beliefs and blind spots right from the start

Unlike traditional therapy, this quick, gentle, and unique approach discovers, releases, and reframes those negative thoughts and behaviors that hold you back from reaching your full potential. My Rescripting sessions can help you do just that—from day one!

An important distinction here is that Rescripting Life Coaching will look into your subconscious—not just what you remember. Previously invisible secrets you’ve been holding since childhood become visible—maybe for the first time everAnd believe me, it can be a surprising revelation for everyone. That’s how I help you transform challenges and trapped emotions into workable solutions and new narratives that build self-esteem, confidence, and overall well-being, especially if you are a highly sensitive person.

It’s truly transformational.

One of the first steps in managing anxiety and stress is to identify and overcome limiting beliefs and blind spots. These deviling secrets are negative thoughts and behaviors that hold you back from reaching your full potential. My Rescripting sessions can help you go beyond your current limitations.

Below are examples of clients who come for Rescripting anxiety management techniques to help reframe and transform challenges that previously caused unhappiness, frustration, and discouragement. Now, stumbling blocks are creating resilience and a lighter, brighter future. 

*names have been changed for privacy purposes

The Workaholic: Pam came to me because she worked nonstop, and as a result, she always felt fearful, pressured, and out of balance with family and friends. Rescripting negative self-talk and creating new, empowering narratives about her life outside work was the key to her self-understanding. Hidden thoughts about what she was telling herself (i.e. about being a failure and not enough) were disarmed and reframed. Yes!

Imposter Syndrome: Peter was struggling with imposter syndrome. He felt he didn’t belong or wasn’t qualified (even though everyone knew he was). As a holistic life coach, I used the gentle Rescripting technique to help him recognize and celebrate his successes and uniqueness. We have ended the second-guessing and the need for perfectionism once and for all!

Negative Body Image: Mariel is a kindergarten teacher who suffers from body image issues. Social media and her unrelenting comparisons to others have made her feel less worthy than her peers. Her focus on perceived flaws in her appearance was habitual, but when we Rescripted her anxiety around her thinking about body imperfections, she began to develop the self-esteem and self-compassion she needed to move forward. She learned to prioritize self-care for the first time and brought her attention to her many talents and gifts that she was proud of.

Highly Sensitive People-HSPs may quickly feel anxious and overwhelmed in social situations or when confronted with intense emotions. As a holistic wellness and life coach, Rescripting founder, and chief HSP, I can help you if you are a highly sensitive person to identify your unique strengths and talents, such as empathy and intuition. Then we work on healthy boundaries and coping mechanisms without the need to expose all the “baggage” from the past. If you’ve felt too sensitive as I have, this is life-changing.

If you’re ready to take the first step toward anxiety management for releasing blockages, let’s schedule a private Rescripting Discovery Call. I can’t wait to show you how you’ll feel an energy shift right away to more relaxation and ease as we rewrite your negatives.

Take care, 


P.S. We all have trapped emotions from the past. If you consider yourself a highly sensitive person or if you’re simply ready to release your fear, I am here for you.

Blockages that are created can affect work, relationships, self-esteem… the list goes on. I can be your holistic life coach who helps you reestablish the smooth flow of energy needed to thrive. See you on a discovery call.


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