Business Professionals are Rediscovering Joy in 2022

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Welcome to Rescript Your Life Now. Let’s talk about how you can press the reset button for a healthy, happy, and joyous 2022, in and out of the office.

First, Let’s Say Goodbye to Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs can be detrimental to mental health. If you’re not sure of what a limiting belief is, it can be defined as stress, anxiety, fear, or long-standing beliefs that hold you back and secretly follow you around until you do something about them.

The good news: Any phobias or negative behavioral patterns that you carry from trauma or illness that no longer serve you, can be let go with the right guidance. 

Healing is possible!

A New Healing Blueprint Awaits at Rescript Your Life Now.

I can teach you how to develop self-love and self-acceptance, especially if you’ve worked with other doctors or therapists and you’re still not recovering, and you’re trying to make it through busy workdays without stress.

If you’re looking to uplevel your career without anxiety, please visit to learn about how my coaching methodologies can help you to rediscover joy this year. Every page has been designed to show you that you can free yourself from negative energy blocks that may be holding you back from your greatness.

You deserve that raise, that promotion, and that new job!

No matter how many doctors or therapists you’ve worked with, you will feel seen, heard, and cared for when you begin your healing journey with me.

I am dedicating 2022 to creating a space of wellness for busy professionals across the globe, and I’d like you to come along. 

If you have questions, please schedule a Finally Heal Breakthrough Call to see what’s possible on the other side of fear. 

It’s a joy!

Have a great day.

In 2001, I founded The Park Avenue Center for Wellbeing, and through a successful acupuncture practice, I worked with key emotional components that lie beneath physical ailments. Today, I heal busy professional clients from all over the world through my in-depth phone coaching sessions that focus on integrative wellness and life coaching. Clients respond astoundingly; and whether it’s pain, emotional stress, digestive issues, immune challenges, or imbalances, they rely on my methodology to rescript their lives and shift from mindset ruts to learning how to embrace life with joy, in new ways. 

Professionals can have the health, wellness, and life they truly want. Learn more at


About Rescript Your Life Now

Known for her successful treatment of mystery illnesses, Roberta Mittman and her team at Rescript Your Life Now combine an integrative, functional medicine approach with the appropriate lab testing.

Our unique approach to diagnosing and treating diseases and disorders recognizes that lasting health depends on resolution of the root causes of your disease. Click here to learn more »