CEOs, Managers, and Leading Professionals Are Waking Up with Refreshed Energy

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Imagine waking up with refreshed energy without the challenges you’ve been facing for so long. It’s possible! If you’re a business owner, manager, CEO, sales rep, or busy employee, you want your focus on your job, not your stress.

I can help you find your hidden potential to heal through a holistic program that I call Rescripting. If you’re faced with stress, anxiety, or chronic illness, with just a few phone calls, rapid healing will no longer be a mystery but rather a success story to live your life without the hindrance of worry.

Succeeding in a busy office environment is your job. Helping you to heal from mindset ruts, trauma holistically, and liming beliefs is mine. When we work together, the mental health results will benefit you, no matter what age, job, or title.

My company is called Rescript Your Life Now, and it calls for clients to receive the chance to revitalize, refresh, and rewrite mindset habits so that stress is replaced with inner happiness. Holistic healing can be very empowering and much more brief than typical long-term talk therapy sessions you may be used to.

Busy business professionals ask me for help with multiple mindset ruts, and I help them to Rescript! 

Rescripting is a proprietary methodology from my practice of over 25 years in the holistic and mind-body health field as an acupuncturist and as a coach. I help people break down the walls of stealth thoughts and brain fog that hold them back from happiness in their everyday life and career.

My solution is simple for business professionals: Take a Finally Heal breakthrough Call and learn about the program. Then, try it out as a session or two. 

A New Stress-Free Blueprint: A new blueprint can be designed today! Suppose you want to rescript negative blockages and alleviate stress and overwhelm from your life. In that case, this is a great time to do so, especially if you feel like you’re in your way, living in the past, ruminating on a divorce, working in a toxic work environment, or desire to transition jobs.

Anyone who feels stuck can benefit from a Rescript.

Unique to the coaching field and highly rated for busy professionals, Rescripting is based on the emotional component of illness and stress, and it’s the signature service in my Personal Revolution Coaching practice.

Rescripting means that you’ll discover new ways to:

  • Replace negativity
  • Overcome anxiety
  • Accelerate healing
  • Listen to the body

If you feel you’ve tried everything or seen every doctor possible for your illness or stress, perhaps the time has arrived for you to Rescript Your Life Now.

Here are two thought-starts for today:

Talk to me:

Schedule a Finally Heal Breakthrough Call to see how Rescripting can help you enhance your health and wellbeing.

Watch videos:

Take a stroll through my new Finally Heal Mini-Course to find the solutions you may be looking for. The answers to your healing process may seem far away, but this course can help!


March is Autoimmune Disease Awareness Month. For those living with an auto-immune disease or chronic conditions, your voice can be heard in my office. 

Please reach out anytime for inspiring and helpful healing advice. Thank you to everyone in my network who believes in their ability to overcome health issues and concerns. I honor your commitment to your wellbeing. 

In 2001, I founded The Park Avenue Center for Wellbeing, and through a successful acupuncture practice, I worked with key emotional components that lie beneath physical ailments. Today, I heal busy professional clients worldwide through my in-depth phone coaching sessions that focus on integrative wellness and life coaching. Clients respond astoundingly, and whether it’s pain, emotional stress, digestive issues, immune challenges, or imbalances, they rely on my methodology to rescript their lives and shift from mindset ruts to learning how to embrace life with joy in new ways.


About Rescript Your Life Now

Known for her successful treatment of mystery illnesses, Roberta Mittman and her team at Rescript Your Life Now combine an integrative, functional medicine approach with the appropriate lab testing.

Our unique approach to diagnosing and treating diseases and disorders recognizes that lasting health depends on resolution of the root causes of your disease. Click here to learn more »