Create Balance in Stressful Situations

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Fear can leave you feeling stuck and immobilized. Get out of the stress habit by creating balance and practicing stillness to improve your mental health.

You’re just a normal adult, finding a way to live in this world, but If you’re like many of my clients whose lives are affected by an overactive mind that’s always stuck in self-judgment, you’re probably looking for ways to escape stress to find inner peace. 

Are you looking for a solution that’s not therapy but gets right to the heart of the matter easily and quickly so that you’re back in control?

If so, here we are! Rescripting may be for you. Let me tell you about Jim, first.

For example, meet Jim:

Jim, a client in his 40s came to me to help him ease his stress. He felt frustrated and unhappy with his life and his relationships. His earnings had dropped substantially since Covid struck, and he was worried about the future. He complained of sharp pains in his gut area, which doctors could not help. A separation from his wife or job loss would be too much for him to bear. 

Jim’s fears led to a moodiness that affected his communication with his coworkers and wife. With his world weighing heavily on his shoulders, Jim knew he had to find a way to handle his life in a much more peaceful, successful way.

I worked with Jim through my Rescripting coaching sessions, and I learned that he had grown up with fearful parents, whose “impending doom” mindset influenced his childhood thinking and then took over his adult life as a deeply ingrained habit. “Even if I try to be productive, I think I’m going to fail.”

Soon after we began our sessions, he started to make shifts in his marriage and his job. He truly began to incorporate the Rescripting sessions that taught him how to heal from an overworked nervous system with stress.

Rescripting coaching became his preventative measure to find calm so that he could create balance in stressful situations. We defined what it meant for him to have the power to change his mindset whenever he felt he was living in the past or the future or just too frightened about the present moment.

The results: Jim’s success continued on as he renewed his wedding vows and received a promotion. Anxiety turned to confidence, and he rebounded his way into vitality and wellness. 

His abdominal pain decreased substantially as he learned firsthand through Rescripting that his fears and negativity could be quickly rewritten and shifted. 

Does any part of Jim’s story speak to you?

Do you share Jim’s fears about situations in your life?

Let’s call FEAR what it really means: False Evidence Appearing Real. 

Sign up for a Rescripting Discovery Call so that we can work on your mental health, and you can rewrite and rescript your life now.

P.S. After being shown Rescripting tactics to rewrite, revitalize, and reset their moods, 99% of my clients who had experienced burnout\, exhaustion, and poor mental health finally found harmony in their lives. 


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