Do You Suffer From Abandonment Issues?

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As a holistic mindset coach, I work with clients with abandonment issues to help them feel like they are enough. 

Today, I’d like to share a story of abandonment, which is an obstacle that many people face in childhood and other difficult life situations.

In this article, I have replaced the name of a client to represent anyone who has felt abandoned in the past, or currently. Anyone who feels less than, not enough, or who desires to veer away from limiting beliefs or wants to not feel “left out” anymore, this article may help you.

Meet Jessica: a woman who suffered from abandonment issues:

When I first met Jessica, she told me that she had been through a great deal in her life. She had limiting beliefs and blind spots, as well as negative thoughts about herself. Nothing seemed to quell her stress and anxiety, and she developed a chronic gastrointestinal illness. Not only did she routinely visit multiple doctors, but she had also already spent years in therapy.

Jessica wasnt sure what steps to take next. She felt frozen. And then she met me through my holistic healing practice and I offered her a chance to work with me as her mindset coach.

Through my proprietary coaching technique at Rescript Your Life Now, Jessica learned that she was suffering from a pattern of abandonment issues that started at a very young age as a survival skill to protect her from what she thought was overwhelmingly devastating in her environment.

As we worked together in 1:1 virtual sessions, she began to think differently about her limiting beliefs, chronic illness, and blind spots. Her past experiences certainly affected her thinking today. 

We began to look at her issues realistically and I led her to a place of finding peace within herself. Mindset coaching helped her find compassion for the inner little girl who had been so frightened and silent in the past. Her abandoned younger self needed to be reset. 

Through holistic healing and mindset coaching, we ultimately brought her to an empowered view of the adult she is today. Jessica finally found her true voice.

Heres what Jessica learned about herself:

  • She had carried the limiting belief of abandonment that she felt like a child on through the following years of her life and these beliefs sabotaged her career and her marriage and ultimately made her sick.
  • Her fears and insecurities from this habitual way of thinking had led to false beliefs that insisted she wasnt good enough, and she consistently acted on those thoughts, which caused even more negative consequences and blindspots.
  • The missing piece had been right under her nose all along. Through mindset coaching, Jessica was able to correct her pattern, and it was much simpler than she’d initially imagined.
  • The end result had her paving her way to greater balance and self-esteem.


Jessica, finally felt that she was ready to move forward with her career and marriage without the high levels of stress she had previously experienced. Her liming beliefs vanished and her chronic illness slowly disappeared.

With new freedom from painful, debilitating thoughts and trapped emotions, Jessica was able to slowly heal her gastrointestinal illness with lasting results.


If you’ve had long-held abandonment feelings like Jessica, this may be your time to ask for help from a mindset coach.

If you’d like to learn more about what I can do for your obstacles, book a free discovery call today, and let’s talk about mindset coaching results.

*Jessica is a fictional name changed for the purpose of this article.


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