A Free Rescripting Gift for Body Positivity

Enjoy This Quick 3-Step Guide to Exploring Body Acceptance

Has your body image held you back from living your best, most joyous, fulfilled life?

If body image has affected your self-esteem, your ability to take risks, have a relationship, be seen, move ahead in your career, socialize—or just contributes to an overall sense of “not good enough,” you’re in the right place.

I’m Roberta Mittman, the founder of Rescript Your Life Now, a holistic coaching program that helps clients, and especially HSPs (Highly Sensitive People) shift their mindset from stress, anxiety, overwhelm, fear, and body-negativity issues.

My Rescripting community is filled with people who yearn to feel accepted and confident. I always give them the following valuable piece of advice when they’re working with body-image issues:

“It’s OK to be in your ‘here and now body.’”

I created this 3-Step Guide to help you transition from body shame and unhappiness to vitality and confidence. You might recognize some of the comments I hear from clients who are struggling with body acceptance:

  • “I hate my big butt and stomach. Ugh.”
  • “I’ll start my diet on Monday—again.”
  • “I’ll never be able to be as thin as my friends.”
  • “I’m a failure because I can’t stick with diets long enough for them to work!

“I forgot what liking myself feels like.”

If any of the above sounds familiar, here’s the great news: I’ve crafted an innovative breakthrough program called Rescripting that helps clients just like you to learn to find peace in their body at all sizes, first and always.  Imagine waking up with a newly found freedom to accept the body you have today.

Here are 3 steps to start you
on your “welcome home” journey:

Step 1. Rescript “Mirror” Negativity: Look at yourself with an empowering new perspective.

See yourself as healthy when you’re in the mirror. A positive frame of mind can accomplish more than a complaint-ridden cycle of negativity. Can you see all that your body does for you every single day? (Too many feats to mention here.)
Step 2. Rescript Your Habits: Be vigilant regarding critical self-talk.

Catch yourself using unkind words to describe your body, and immediately turn them around. Sensitive people tend to over self-deprecate, but when you treat yourself with the kindness, respect, and compassion that you deserve, you’ll feel more in charge of your confidence—and come home to the one and only you.
Step 3. Rescript Your Stress: Tap into your inner guidance.

Instead of seeking validation and approval from the external world, you can learn to accept yourself through daily moments of gratitude and self-reflection. The more you remain in this heart space, the more you can understand the importance of body neutrality or acceptance.

Ready to take these steps further with a FREE, private, 20-minute consultation?

With Rescripting, You’ll Learn To:

  • Stop feeling anxious about being anxious
  • Stabilize your mood and energy
  • Stop over-thinking and listen to your intuition
  • Build healthy habits that keep you strong on the most difficult days
  • Balance and relax your body through self-soothing and “me-time”
  • Use mindfulness to transform negative thoughts into positive, compassionate feelings
  • Find your authentic self in social settings and in your relationships

Rescripting is one of the healthiest and most innovative coaching methods to quickly retrain your mind to see yourself with new eyes.

When the world is constantly telling you to stay down, Rescripting rewires your self-perception to a place of positivity and balance.

P.S. If this message speaks to you, let’s set up a Discovery Call. All you have to lose is that feeling of being held back in your life.