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Roberta is a godsend! She's so personal and accommodating and she explains everything that she's doing to provide a harmonious, integrated and effective way of healing. I'm so grateful.

Robert is insightful, thorough and highly professional. She got the to root cause of my problem an has been invaluable in helping to achieve deserved health and happiness. I highly recommend her.

I was on a constant yo-yo of health. The stress of my life had reached its point and I was frustrated and angry. Working with Roberta changed my life, my relationships, my health and wellness. Her motivation led me to write a book and move my life and career to a whole new level.

I went from a nobody loves me and I love nobody attitude, plus unemployment to a person totally involved in work and have new present relationships that are flourishing. I hold Robert in my highest regard.

She is a gift! Raising a 4 year old and turning to my worst in eating habits held me back in my mind and my health. Roberta was committed to my wellbeing and encouraged me to continue my journey. She is your BEST choice!

Roberta gives you so much more than you expect. She's the expert who gets to the WHYs of your challenges, not just the WHATs and that makes all the difference! She's a total personal support system in a woman and coach.

I was feeling pretty bad about myself, I wasn't eating properly and was making excuses. Robert was so caring and she listened and formulated a game plan that I could lean on. She truly cared about my success and was a support system. I could have never had this new mindset without her.

Working with Roberta was such a good experience. I had just come out of an extremely painful relationship and was beside myself, as I recognized I was doing the same pattern that I have in previous relationships. when I was working with her, I actually felt trauma jumping out and leaving my body. I felt more myself and working with her totally accelerated my healing process. I also had a session with her about money, which was really interesting, and looking back on it, it really did open up blockages for me to receive more money and I am currently successfully building my own business. I am very grateful for Roberta's work and highly recommend her.

Roberta has helped me heal in so many ways. She made me aware of a range of my blockages, helping me live as an expression of my most-empowered self. Roberta is also one of the most authentic, sincere, and genuinely caring individuals I have ever come across. I can honestly say that in just a few sessions I saw a dramatic difference in my life.
R.A. New York, NY

In a chaotic and hectic life, restored balance and harmony can lead to a healthier happier more fulfilling life. Roberta Mittman gave me the tools to turn to my mind, body and spirit. Her intuition and restorative healing sessions left me grounded, renewed and ready to embrace the day!

Roberta is outstanding! She identified and helped me shed unconscious stories that no longer served me. Every conversation brought me closer to my goals and to the person I wanted to be in the world.

I loved her holistic approach considering the mind, body and spirit. As time passes, my condition now seems more manageable. She's so generous and insightful. She's a fantastic role model for seeing the best version of yourself.

Roberta provides a 365 degree approach to feel more in control of your wellness to make larger lifestyle choices. Whether its eating, fine tuning sleeping habits or cultivating personal relationships, Roberta helps you grow through challenges and offers solutions so that you feel the most resilient as possible.

I've suffered with chronic sinus for almost two years. Roberta's wonderful and invaluable gracious resourcefulness has been a tremendous support for me from diet to travel to sleep, relationships fitness and career. I cannot imagine not having Roberta in my corner!

Roberta has been my first in line, personal, go-to practitioner for the past 13 years. Over the course of this time, I've referred dozens of friends as well as my own clients and have seen firsthand how their work with Roberta has been absolutely transformational. Roberta is able to help each person access and rewrite their responses to stress in the most gentle, thorough, and accelerated way. Her work allows individuals to deactivate their deepest triggers and truly become the authors of their own life stories, more and more with each session.

Roberta's phone sessions are incredibly useful! Every time we do a phone session together I'm amazed all over again how my issues are resolved just as effectively as with my in-person sessions! I've been utilizing this gift of phone sessions for months. Thank you, Roberta, for being my support wherever I may be!
R.S. New York , NY

I can attest to Roberta's phone sessions being THE MOST powerful technology for changing my own limiting patterns and scripts. She is the absolute best! I'm blessed to know her and have her powerful medicine in our lives.
A.G., New York , NY

I was skeptical about doing a phone session with Roberta. However after I tried I felt like it was almost the same as in person. I hung up the phone feeling the same relief I feel when I leave her office. Thank you!
B.C., New York,NY.

Over the last few years during my darkest days both personally and professionally Roberta has been my beacon of light, a voice of understanding and compassion. I rely on Roberta’s incredible insight and guidance when facing life’s most pivotal and delicate decisions. She possesses the most unique techniques and I feel truly blessed to have her in my life.
P.A., New York , NY

I have actually been feeling better than I had in a really long time. Still feel as though I have a lot of work to go but I definitely feel a shift. I am really grateful. I have been connecting to many people but I feel that Roberta is the "real deal" and able to help on a deeper level.
C.A.,Los Angeles, CA

Working with Roberta is always wonderful. She can help me, even in one session, get right to the issue and begin to ease its burden. I wasn't sure how meeting virtually would go, but it felt like Roberta was in the room with me. Her vibrant energy carried her right through the wires and into my home. I can't recommend her enough, especially if you seek the sweet spot between mind and bodywork.
C.K., New York

I have worked with Roberta for the past 7 months. I am a new business owner. Running a new business is very stressful and emotionally draining, so this is the reason why I was referred to Ms. Mittman by a friend. Working with Roberta was great. I had my own limitations set out by myself that were hindering my growth personally and professionally. I also have my own childhood traumas that had limited my growth and my perspective. Roberta's own unique approach has healed me from my past. More importantly, she has helped me to remove my own self-believed limitation and helped me to realize... well.. the sky's the limit. I have nothing but raving reviews about her. she completely transformed my life in 7 months. literally, changed me inside out. Made into a different person. She made me realize my true potential. Her work is a masterpiece. I truly and sincerely thank her for my personal transformations.
Dr. H.L., MD, New York

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