Holistic Life Coaching Solutions for Men with Anxiety

Holistic Life Coaching Solutions for Men with Anxiety_life coach for men, man stressing, man with stress, man with anxiety

Why Men Rely on Rescripting to Heal Their Stress

The trend of men turning to life coaching is growing at an alarming rate which means that vulnerability is rising.

In my holistic coaching practice, men have told me how comfortable they feel in my sessions versus traditional therapy. With Rescripting, we get to specific issues of their stress, anxiety, and fear instead of long-talked-about lifespan worries. Many of the reasons that men seek my holistic life coaching program include:

  • Comfortability talking about marital issues
  • Finance trouble and fears
  • Divorce or separation
  • Feeling burnt out
  • Impostor Syndrome
  • Needing to take more risks 
  • Feeling stuck in their career
  • Boredom with their lives or current situation
  • Vulnerability with parenting

Men bring me their limiting beliefs, and they get a huge sigh of relief as they comfortably explore their strengths and weaknesses. Their objectives feel more manageable, and they stay focused, motivated, and accountable. If you’ve been feeling stuck, lasting Rescripting solutions include: 

  • Enhanced emotional intelligence
  • Help with goal-setting
  • Professional career development
  • Sounding board for private issues
  • Getting to the root cause of stress vs. placing a quick bandaid over your troubles

Communication and solving conflicts are a large reason men see me for Rescripting because they can comfortably discuss relationship issues and weaknesses with a private sounding board.

If I had to rank a 2nd high-ranked topic, its stress management. The pressures men face today, from work-life balance to overall-wellbeing and financial stability, even boundary setting, are important goals to rediscover a healthy sense of self. 

In their words, men feel “burnt out” and “have lost the confidence to achieve goals.”

Rescripting helps develop the resilience needed to overcome self-doubt.

Simply put, men need answers outside their wives, girlfriends, family, and friends. And they want quicker answers than long, talk therapy.

In every 50-minute Rescripting session, men face challenges regarding personal responsibility, learn how to prioritize their lives, and rediscover their values.

Rescripting offers the psychological safety to open up and create the life you want instead of reacting to stress, anxiety, and fear. It’s not always easy for a man to pick up the phone and say he needs help, but with Rescripting’s holistic life coaching gentle technique, men are courageous enough to say,

  • I’m burnt out
  • My finances are not where they are supposed to be
  • My marriage is failing
  • I haven’t been the best father
  • I’m so stuck, and I feel uncomfortable in my own skin

Are you ready to try a new approach to helping your life feel better? 

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Do you know a man who needs to navigate the world better without stress, anxiety, or fear? 

If you’re struggling, consider scheduling a Rescripting session to identify the underlying cause of your pain. And if you found this blog helpful, pass it along to others who may benefit from it.

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