How to Break the Cycle of Negative Emotions?

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Having negative thoughts from time to time is normal. But if you’re constantly feeling negative emotions, or a highly sensitive person (HSP), maybe the time has arrived to consider working with a holistic health coach to alleviate the stress this habit causes and indicates. 

Here are some warning signs to check to see if your negativity is out of control:

You feel constantly disrespected.

  • You’re nervous about not feeling loved.
  • You think that bad things are always happening to you.
  • You frequently talk about sad or stressful situations, toxic people, people who take advantage of you, and doom and gloom. 

 Here are a few mindset exercises to turn around negative thinking: 

  • Practice gratitude. Share grateful remarks rather than pouring out your experience of others’ wrongdoings.
  • Go to bed early! Getting enough sleep can be a key solution to a happier attitude.
  • Exercise. Delay a negative reaction with a simple 20-minute walk or workout.
  • Reach out to others. Deepen your positive relationships for emotional support. 

Negativity and impending doom haunt many of us all the time. The Rescripting Method is a gentle, safe, easy technique designed to alleviate constant negativity. Here’s an example of releasing stress that worked in my practice as a holistic wellness coach.

Meet Susan, who experienced harmful, repetitive negativity and overcame it.

Susan was a client in her mid-30s who carried a constant negative attitude that was getting in the way of her professional career. She was in therapy and had a coach who worked with upper-level executives but experienced few results. She was also highly sensitive and didn’t know how to cope with her stress.

Written up several times by HR as being “mean,” Susan was tough on herself and her team, and when things went wrong, she blew a fuse and raised her voice.

Susan found Rescripting, and everything changed.

“The sessions were nurturing, effortless, and, quite frankly, addictive. After my sessions to heal my negativity, I requested more time with Roberta to use Rescripting for other challenging areas of my life. I felt comfortable, relaxed, and grateful for Roberta’s helpful suggestions.”

Susan’s Rescripting sessions revealed that her negativity came from childhood experiences. Working with me, she received new scripts to recite instead of her typical snide remarks to subordinates that increased both their stress and hers. She’s now known as one of the most relatable managers on her team, and she found a neutral stance between fierce mindset combat and calm behavior.

Rescripting Success: The negativity you carry, too, may also be rooted in a situation or relationship from a past experience. Although you may have forgotten about specific incidents, the trauma may still be in your subconscious mind. 

If you’re like Susan, who felt tired, overwhelmed, and fed up with her reactivity but couldn’t figure out why her habits didn’t stop, or how to stop them, Rescripting may be a holistic option for you to discover your calm strategically.

Finding ways to cope significantly with life’s pitfalls when they affect your professional career is a valuable way to transform crucial situations.

P.S. I have plenty of videos about obstacles you may face: like negativity, sensitivity, and body image issues. You can find some of them here.

P.S.S. If you feel negativity harms your relationships, this may be the time to call a holistic wellness coach.

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