How to Ditch Negative Self-Talk for Good

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If you’ve said, “Life is hard” in the past 30 days, I invite you to Rescript it! 

If you’ve complained about yourself, your weight, your partner, or your problems more than 5X in the past week, I invite you to Rescript it.

When it comes to negativity, we are all guilty of saying horrible things about ourselves, especially when we’re in a bad mood. Sadness, anger, and frustration can get stuck in our heads to make us believe the rigid stories that cause deep misery and a decline in mental health.

Imagine if you could catch yourself as soon as you say something negative, or even before you speak it. And then, picture yourself replacing that habit with a positive pattern and blueprint for the future. 

That’s what I call Rescripting, a technique that I use to stop stress in its tracks.

If you’re curious about your anxious habits, start paying attention to how you speak when you’re alone, when you’re with others, and when you’re around frustrating circumstances. This article will give you a few Rescripting tips that I use to diffuse anxiety with my clients. See if they work for you!

If you can feel your inner physiology turning your body heat high, or have a swirly feeling in the tummy, that’s usually a bodily notice that your stress is rising and a negative mood may be on its way. Simply pause, realize what’s happening, and change your language at the moment.

In today’s hectic world, there are thousands of people who are distracted, and thousands more who are looking for a miracle cure of easing stress. We are living in uncertain times that can cause a lot of limiting beliefs.

Rather than blindly going down the rabbit hole of anxiety with false, repetitive tales that dictate the idea that life is hard, (and I know it is), I want you to skillfully navigate yourself towards personal satisfaction. When you rediscover your greatness, you Rescript your life towards better days ahead. 

Rescripting is like pressing the reset button and changing direction in a positive way. Pay attention to that nagging inner mind-chatter that causes negative words to flow freely from your mouth or float around in your mind. You can Rescript it all.

Words that are filled with self-sabotage can turn positive.

Here’s a Hint: 

Try the phrase, “Even though I feel ______, I can still _____ today.”


“Even though this person made me feel _________, I don’t have to feel ________.”

The Rescripting process doesn’t happen overnight, and it does take a little self-care practice.

Look at your daily experiences and get out of stuck, past patterns. Life difficulties, hardships, and frustrations can be rewritten.

With Rescripting, you’ll be able to quiet your inner critic and transform your ways of thinking and speaking.

Here are some helpful examples:

If you find that you repeat phrases like, “I can’t”, Rescript it to: “I will”

If you find that you complain by saying, “I won’t,” Rescript that to: “I’ll try.”

If you say, “I’m not good enough,” Rescript it to: “I’m worthy.”


Rescripting negative speaking habits will help you speak with clarity and conviction rather than insecurity, animosity, and uncertainty.

Remember that you have the ability to change the way that you speak, and that shift gives you the chance to feel unstuck from old patterns that don’t work anymore.

If you’re interested in changing your speaking habits, take a look at How Rescripting Can Change Your Life and learn what’s waiting for you beyond your blind spots.


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