Rescripting Helps Highly Sensitive People

An amazing 1 out of 5 people share the trait of being a Highly Sensitive Person.
You, too, may be an HSP.

Highly sensitive people are told they are: too sensitive! too emotional! too quiet! too dramatic! too nice! or often too fearful.

HSPs are different for a reason. 

In this overstimulating, exhausting, and stressful world, let’s not obsess over what’s wrong with us but celebrate what’s right instead.

Start here ——> Do any of these statements sound true?

  • I’m super emotional, yet very empathetic.
  • I’m always overwhelmed with too much to do.
  • Being observed by people feels stressful to me.
  • I’m deeply moved by poetry and art.
  • I avoid violence and aggression.

If you already know you’re an HSP, welcome. If you’ve come here to find out if you’re an HSP, the answers will arrive shortly so that you can understand how to manage your sensitivity and see it as a gift rather than a liability or limitation.



HSP (highly sensitive person) is a phrase that indicates that you may experience sensory overload, feel anxious and irritable, have sleep disturbances and exhaustion, and may find loud noises or busy places to be “too much.” In fact, throughout your life, you may have been told you’re too sensitive or too emotional.

As the founder of the Rescripting Method, I, too, am an HSP. I created Rescripting because I’ve spent nearly 30 years as a board-certified acupuncturist and coach, watching clients walk into my physical or virtual office with high-sensitivity issues and leave feeling relieved. If you want to navigate life more quickly and confidently, the Rescripting Method may be the holistic technique to take charge of your life and happiness TODAY. Listen to this podcast for an in-depth HSP conversation.

“It’s so gentle, easy, but profoundly straight to the point. I’m surprised at what came up for my blindspots! I feel lighter and more accessible and can’t wait for my next session.” E.G.

Rescripting sessions are the best choice an HSP can make to gain access to proprietary, helpful tools to balance their sensitive emotions after years of feeling trapped by reactivity to people, places, and things.

If you struggle with overstimulation or feel constantly upset and overwhelmed, Rescripting can release the hurtful behaviors stuck in your subconscious mind. 

Triggers are everywhere. Protect yourself from feeling emotionally imbalanced. 

Find out if you’re a highly sensitive person by answering these three questions:

  1. Are you overly affected by other people’s moods and energy?
  2. Do you need much alone time to recharge?
  3. Do you feel as though you’re overwhelmed by too many responsibilities? 

If you answered yes to one or all three, talk to Roberta Mittman to find peace as an HSP.

P.S. 10 of 10 Highly Sensitive People return for multiple Rescripting opportunities after the first session!