Insecurity and Impostor Syndrome
Rescripting Gets to the Root Cause so You Can Finally Heal

Do you constantly fear that someone will discover you’re not as competent? Are you on edge, thinking you’ll be unmasked as a fraud? If so, the impending doom of negative consequences follows, leaving you stuck.

Fear is often subconscious, so you may not know it lurks beneath your interactions with friends, family, partners, and colleagues. Limiting beliefs disguised as “not good enough“ are the culprit of this unsettled way of thinking which causes impostor syndrome to feel real.  

Low self-esteem can be exhausting, and perfectionism is unhealthy. The minute you make a mistake, you’re worried that people will find out, but you can ignite your confidence and stop repeating phrases like:

  • I don’t date because I’m exhausted from thinking I’ll be rejected 
  • I have bad days- everyday
  • I try to be perfect to gain approval
  • I isolate myself to protect myself from life
  • I feel like a burden to friends and family
  • My friendships feel like intense pressure
  • Everyone else doing better than I am
  • I’ll never admit how uncomfortable I am to anyone. It’s too shameful

FINALLY balance the negative mind chatter that tells you you’re not good enough with Rescripting’s powerful holistic coaching. You can not only imagine your world without impostor syndrome, but you can live it. Picture the following:

  • You’re calm and composed
  • You keep your cool and don’t freeze under pressure 
  • Your inner dialogue builds you up
  • Self-sabotage ‘has left the building’
  • You feel liberated from comparisons
  • You’re ready to add value in meetings and conversations 
  • You speak up confidently when you choose to

If you want to get out of the impostor syndrome mindset, it has to start with you. The answers will arrive shortly, and in your first session, you’ll learn how to manage worry and turn it into inner happiness and confidence.



If every first date, Starbucks run, phone call, Zoom meeting, or job interview feels like a potential path to fraud, please stop blaming yourself and let me guide you to feel safe and grounded.

If you struggle at work or in your professional career with constant fear about making mistakes or not being good enough, you deserve a ‘special person’ to receive an objective point of view. Clients feel safe with me to release their innermost feelings and share what they typically don’t feel comfortable disclosing with family, friends, or partners. 

Rescripting is a virtual, supportive, and safe way to gain a sounding board for impostor syndrome.

Sessions are 50 minutes and designed to heal you vastly differently from traditional coaching or therapy. I’ve worked with hundreds of people worldwide to bring back their confidence, and as a board-certified acupuncturist, I know that heavy burdens that weigh on your health can be detrimental if not fixed early.

If you are willing to spend a few minutes to share your obstacles and are serious about rediscovering your confidence, fill out this form, and let’s look to shift what doesn’t feel right so that you can be grounded and authentically present.

Impostor syndrome doesn’t have to control you anymore. You’re in the driver's seat.

Rescripting is a helpful solution to ‘nothing is possible’ thinking. 

Access proprietary, helpful tools to balance your sensitive emotions after years of feeling trapped by worry.

Triggers are everywhere. Protect yourself from feeling emotionally imbalanced.