Learn How to Stabilize Sensitive Emotions in Just a Few Minutes

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Quick, Simple, and Effective Ways to Feel Emotionally Balanced

When you hear the phrase emotional stability, what do you think of first?

Do you think of emotional stability as:

  1. Feeling balanced
  2. Having a tendency to be positive during a negative experience
  3. Showing up as even-tempered
  4. All of the above
Answer: D. All of these answers are correct. 

Every adult has the right to relax and rediscover their purpose for improved mental health. At any stage of life, balance is available.

Sensitivity, stress and overwhelm are not in control. You are.

I am here to help you. 

In fact, take a moment to think about the last time you felt out of control.

Have you ever felt so out of balance that you couldn’t grasp the present moment at all? 

Was connecting with other people difficult?

Were you worrying endlessly about what you thought they meant, changing context from your ego?

Did the music that people were enjoying at a previous party you went to scramble your thoughts? 

Did you feel as if no one understood you? 

Was the world spinning?

Did you lose belief in yourself?

Anxiety and stress can have harmful consequences that ruin relationships, increase family drama, and decrease self-confidence and mental health. If you have ever hidden in embarrassment when you’ve felt overwhelmed, you can find ways to desensitize your thoughts.

Here Are Two Secrets to Finding Emotional Balance.

  1. Literally stand still during an unstable moment. Breathe in and out 5 times and appreciate a recent win, the delectable taste of an Italian sauce, moments spent with the love of your life or anything that makes you happy. Finding gratitude in a still moment helps you recognize that even though you’re experiencing instability, you can be part of your own emotionally balanced solution. Quick movements may trigger negative behaviors. Slow and steady is always the smarter option than fast and reactive.
  2. Listen to yourself objectively. (This is hard!) Own your complaints. Own your negative vibe. Hear yourself comparing what you don’t have to what your friends have who possess everything or seem to on social media, producing in you a fear of missing out. Hear yourself judging. Is it true that you’re doing so poorly, or you just feel the sting of envy? Prove to yourself that you’re doing just fine. Revisit #1. The subjective blame game is not helpful in balancing your emotions.

My holistic mindset coach practice at Rescript Your Life Now uses a proprietary coaching technique called Rescripting that is highly rated by hundreds of clients to defuse pessimism, aggression, anxiety, sadness, and even dependence or co-dependence caused by emotional imbalances that wreak havoc on relationships and careers.

Rescripting works quickly for people who blame, shame, and criticize themselves and others. They feel that they are not good enough, their relationships aren’t good enough, their prosperity isn’t enough… Get the picture? This is a symptom of unstable emotions that spontaneously rain down with negative racing thoughts. At any moment in time, boom, the storm appears, self-sabotage follows, and there’s no shining rainbow in sight.

Rescripting Comes to the Rescue and Throws the Life Preserver!

With over 25 years of experience as a holistic mindset coach teaching clients how to Rescript their thoughts and patterns, I’m proud of my work to help adults take cover from the storms they create in their minds.

“I was on a constant yo-yo of health. The stress of my life had reached its high point, and I was frustrated and angry. Working with Roberta changed my life, my relationships, my health and wellness. Her motivation led me to write a book and move my life and career to a whole new level.”

If your overactive mind seems like it’s in the way of achieving what you want, you can feel safe and supported at Rescript Your Life Now.

Regain the promise of a happy life.

Emotional balance is possible with the right holistic mindset coach.

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