Let Go of Your Self-Defeating Body Image in Minutes

Let Go of Your Self-Defeating Body Image in Minutes_mindset coach, holistic health coach, relationship coach, mental health,mindset, healing coach, stress, anxiety, HSP, NEW YORK, USA

Body acceptance is a struggle. While no magic wand can make flaws disappear, I can show you ways to feel better about your “here and now body” with increased positive mental health.

I’ve heard statements such as:

 “I’m ugly!”

 “My stomach is sticking out so much.”

 “I can’t stop staring at myself in disgust when I look in the mirror.”

 “My legs are too big!”

This critical mindset can be overcome. In fact, some of the strongest anger-fueled thoughts tied to mental health and body image can be broken down and rebuilt into success, happiness, and self-worth. 

Here are some examples of how Rescripting changes the minds of my clients who suffer from stress and anxiety through four key categories:

  •  Success 

Negative: “I can’t be an acceptable soccer coach looking like this!”

Rescript it: “I’m a great coach and I accept myself and my body.”

  •  Goal setting 

Negative: “I won’t put myself on camera unless I lose 20 pounds.”

Rescript it: “I’m comfortable wearing clothes that make me feel confident.”

  •  Happiness

Negative: “I’m feeling unattractive, so I’m not going to dinner tonight.”

Rescript it: “I’ll meet you at dinner in my favorite dress!”

  • Self-Worth

Negative: “I don’t know who I am. None of my clothes fit right.”

Rescript it: “I’m going to spend less time in my closet and more time happy in my life.”

While self-defeating thoughts appear real and justified, they’re just feelings that get in the way of your truth and decrease mental health.

I’ve spent over 25 years working with clients who suffer with anxiety and body-image issues, and I can honestly say that my Rescripting technique is a powerful solution to how you may block self-growth so that the above statements are no longer in the forefront of your daily activity.

With Rescripting you can increase your mental health and:

Accept your “here and now body” with new vibrance 

  • Choose different clothes that feel more comfortable
  • Shut down unwanted inner conversations and stress
  • Have more patience with yourself

You can feel worthy again without anxiety.

You can feel like your best, most successful self has re-emerged. 

A healthier mind produces a healthier body image.

If I have your attention, and you’re interested in discovering a successful way to end self-judgment and stress, and make peace with body acceptance, you’ll be relieved to know that Rescripting can change your life.

Can you agree with me that a healthy mind is the best next step? If so, I personally invite you to Rescript your body-image, let go of anxiety, and find body positivity with me.

Sign up for a free Rescripting Discovery Call at rescriptyourlifenow.com/rescripting.

Take good care,


P.S. You’ll be amazed at how liberated you’ll feel when you come over to the side of lightness, neutrality, and self -acceptance with the body you have today.


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