Manage Your Sensitivity and Nurture Your Relationships

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Managing Sensitivity in Relationships May be Easier Than You Think

A whopping 15-20% of the world’s population is considered to be highly sensitive. If you think you’re sensitive and you’d like to work through feelings of fear, judgment, insecurities, and overwhelm in your relationships, this email was written for you. Holistic healing can make a positive impact on your mental health.

In fact, when you stand up for yourself, create boundaries, and take responsibility for your actions, you realize how much your mind gets in the way of your reality. 

Sometimes recharging is the best approach, along with focusing on the benefits of your sensitivity, so your relationships with bosses, partners, clients, coworkers, lovers, spouses, family members, and friends feel more seamless.

When the issue comes to rocky relationships, Rescripting coaching is one of those “thank heavens for” techniques because it works much more quickly than traditional coaching or therapy, and we dive straight to the root cause of your issues. No long-haul coaching programs needed! In fact, your mental health benefits greatly from holistic healing in multitudes of ways.

Here are three sensitivity suggestions for healthy relationship management to start you off on your journey.

  1.  Pay attention to your nervesAn HSP’s nervous system tends to result in more agitation, which can make close relationships painful, complex, and challenging. >>>Rescript Your Tension>>> Try to become acutely aware of how you feel when you’re rattled so that you can handle yourself better during an emotional breakdown.
  2. Watch your temperament.Emotional crankiness can push people away. HSPs tend to deflect people because of consistent mood swings. >>> Rescript Your Mood >>> Be aware of worrying so that you can transition from an always-bothered persona to that of a healthy, calm adult.
  3. Build connections. HSPs can be self-critical, which may cause a loss of connection with others, and can prevent you from self-care >>>Rescript Who You Are>>> Start your day with a gratitude reminder. With a few inhales and exhales, feel thankful for your day, and you’ll be less bogged down by the mind’s heaviness.

For the past two years, people have been encountering new, more distant ways of relating to one another. Coworkers now rely on technology instead of empathetic face-to-face meetings to carry out their work. Families and friendships have been torn apart by fear of infection as well as societal and political divides. Lovers are quarreling over worry about the future, fear of what’s going on in the world, and money issues.

Sensitivities have become heightened, and many don’t have the tools or resources to best handle their interactions with one another. Sadly, many haven’t tried holistic healing to help their mental health, but today can be the day!

Try Rescripting, especially if you:

  • Feel agitated by a boss who doesn’t understand you
  • Feel less than your partner
  • Feel as though your family doesn’t listen to you
  • Feel left out of friendship circles
  • Feel easily exhausted
  • Derive way too much meaning from events and situations
  • Use far too much dramatic language

Change your relationships to more peaceful, mutually nourishing connections.

If you’ve read through this email, you’re ready!  Here’s what to do:

Lose the hurt and judgment of yourself and others. I hope you’ll make that choice today!

Learn how to do it with a guide here >>



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