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Unlock your body's natural ability to


My process includes a ‘no stone unturned’ method to uncover the root cause of your illness. Coaching can then help to re-pattern your mind and emotions, providing a healthy means for you to finally heal.

Unlock your body's natural ability to


My process includes a ‘no stone unturned’ method to uncover the root cause of your illness. Coaching can then help to re-pattern your mind and emotions, providing a healthy means for you to finally heal.

What does it mean to

Rescript Your Life?

Rescripting your life is a way of exploring different ways of thinking about your illness so that long-term solutions are uncovered. Unlocking the power of your mind is tough to do, but the process is worth it because it helps you find your energy again and discover happiness.

When you’re chronically ill and not improving, a mindset shift can help you overcome mental blocks, past traumas and imbalances. Coaching guides clients to learn about limiting beliefs and false stories that are based in the past. When you understand that you’re deserving, intelligent and capable of being loved, you stop reliving negative emotions over and over again. Finding a safe and supportive mindset helps you shift from feeling like a victim, where things are happening to you, to feeling empowered, where things are happening for you. From there, you can finally heal.

Trust This Program If You're Tired Sf Seeing Doctors

And still not feeling better...

If you’re dealing with a chronic disorder and you’re ready for a fresh way to think about your life, now’s the time to schedule a Finally Heal Breakthrough Call. Many of my clients have seen multiple doctors, still don’t feel better, and feel like their bodies have failed them. If you feel like you’ve tried everything and you still feel compromised in so many areas of your life, my coaching program may provide the solace you’re looking for.

Rescripting your life is a method of returning to a positive wellness track that supports a robust life, career, family, love and relationships. Remember: It’s not your fault that you are struggling –and your physical challenges are not  “in your head”.  Using a holistic approach, we’ll find the missing links so that real progress takes place.

Feeling sick all the time is a heavy burden to bear. In fact, outdated thinking, in addition to  physical challenges, can keep you frustrated, tired, and in a state of distrust. Suffering from deep imbalances that have not been addressed can produce negative thoughts that come from childhood traumas or other long-term mental blocks that disrupt your way of life.

Together, we’ll find that one of your greatest achievements will be the ability to release old negative scripts in your mind that no longer reflect your current state. From there, new stories and a new blueprint can create joy, hope, and the potential to live a fuller life.

Restore Your Vitality

We begin with a Finally Heal Breakthrough Call so that you receive immediate real-time strategies to put into your lifestyle.

From there, our coaching sessions put you on a healthy track to healing to stop self-sabotage, release fear and press the reset button.

Ready to learn more? I will soon provide an upcoming course called Finally Heal, that will answer some of your most challenging questions about healing from chronic illness.

And then...

Progress Ensues

Rescript Your Life & Finally Heal

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I loved her holistic approach considering the mind, body and spirit. As time passes, my condition now seems more manageable. She's so generous and insightful. She's a fantastic role model for seeing the best version of yourself.

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I was on a constant yo-yo of health. The stress of my life had reached the point at which I felt frustrated and angry. Working with Roberta changed my life, my relationships, my health and wellness. Her motivation led me to write a book and move my life and career to a whole new level.

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Roberta has been my first-in-line, personal, go-to practitioner for 13 years. I've referred dozens of friends as well as my own clients and they all have seen firsthand how their work with Roberta has been absolutely transformational. Roberta is able to help each person access and rewrite their responses to stress in the most gentle, thorough, and accelerated way. Her work allows individuals to deactivate their deepest triggers and truly become the authors of their own life stories!
A.G., New York

Rescript Your Sensitivity

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Learn how quick and effective Rescripting can be so that you leave behind stress, overwhelm, and anxiety for a life filled with deep satisfaction, freedom, and prosperity. This private, 30 minute, no-sales zoom or phone call helps you discover where you are today and shows you the fastest way to get where you want to go.