#1 Reason Why Your 2023 May Be Haunted

Reason Why Your 2023 May Be Haunted

We all know the story of the Ghost of Christmas Past. And I don’t think we’re much different than the unfortunate ghost-ridden Scrooge who faces old resentments, fears, stress, anxiety, and criticism. His mental health and yours could use a Rescripting session, but we’ll get to that.

If you feel turbulence inside that of you that you can’t quite access, such unease may trigger sadness, disappointment, loneliness, and other feelings that you might not even be able to put a name to, especially if you’re considered an HSP, (highly sensitive person). 

Imagine finally digging down to the bottom of this black cloud following you and learning that a sense of heaviness has been there for quite some time — maybe even for your whole life since childhood. When a distressing event, large or small, became frozen in your mind, in your muscles, in your feelings, these emotions get stuck as limiting beliefs about you and your life, your survival, and your attempts to attract love and support. 

Unfortunately, this is a mental health issue where upsetting events drain precious energy that could be used to be an empowered, happy, and confident adult instead of someone entrapped in the past.   

How do those ghosts show up in your life? How do they affect your stress and anxiety levels? For me, as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), I find those specters to be most likely the effect of criticism from authority figures in the past. 

For you, it could be change or transition in relationships, health, mental health, career, or even judgments from within yourself that trigger sneaky, limiting beliefs (most of the time from childhood) that block the door to internal peace and forward movement. 

These phantoms are at the root of a feeling that something is too hard (like following a nutrition plan), is out of reach for you (like a promotion,) or that you don’t deserve (maybe a healthy relationship). You may feel that the issues are all arising in the present, but chances are you already made up your mind about your life when you were a child.  

The result is like giving the keys to your car to a four-year-old! 

Let’s Rescript those ghosts from the past that are weighing you down and causing stress and anxiety. Rescripting is my favorite activity with clients who want to enter the New Year feeling a foundation of inner peace with freedom, lightness, neutrality, and clarity. 

Easy, gentle, and successful, the Rescripting technique is different from anything else you’ve tried before. It has the chance to release your stress and anxiety so that your mental health increases. Client testimonials about rapid transformations are posted on my website, and if you’re an HSP, highly sensitive person, you may enjoy reading more about this technique.

Since my calendar is filling up quickly with requests for Rescripting Discovery Calls in the New Year, I’d like to invite you to schedule yours right now. Just go to https://rescriptyourlifenow.com/rescripting.

Be well, and whatever you do, don’t bring that stress into your future! 

Take care, 


P.S. I’m sending you wishes to enjoy 2023 with the confidence that you can handle whatever comes your way, including any uncertainty or negativity that may seem so entrenched. (It has been, but it no longer has to be.) 

P.P.S. Our Rescripting Discovery Call is an effective, nonjudgmental approach to discovering what your body could soon be saying about blind spots on your path. Curious?


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