Overcome Feelings of Not Being Enough

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Are you looking to change the way you feel about being “enough”?

If you are, let me ask you a few questions about your mental health:

Do you struggle with anxiety or chronic illness?

Do you constantly feel like you’re “less than”? 

Do you constantly ask yourself “why” questions, such as:

  • Why isn’t my marriage working out?
  • Why do I feel unlovable?
  • Why can’t I move ahead in my career?
  • Why aren’t I healing fast enough?
  • Why can’t I just be happy about who I am?

These questions are filled with discontent; that nagging feeling that debilitates your mood. If your frequent mind-chatter includes the saying, “I don’t feel like I’m enough,” let’s try to find the missing link to let go of that unwanted stress.

Let’s begin with the F word: Fear.

Fear of failure, fear of not being ready, fear of visibility: These are all ingredients that create the “I’m not enough” concoction of internal conflict that lessens your confidence and increases the maddening of your everyday cycle of letting yourself down. Does this sound familiar? 

Chronic illness in the form of stressful mind-chatter is a difficult challenge to bear. I’m a holistic mindset coach that guides clients to discover their blind spots and heal their limiting beliefs, which include all types of fears that hurt one’s lifestyle.

The system that I use at my company, Rescript Your Life Now, is a proprietary technique that other therapists or doctors do not use for mental health. In fact, many therapists actually send their clients to me for Rescripting, and some therapists even become customers themselves.

I know what works and I’d like to encourage you to be enough today. Say goodbye to fear and stress which can damage your relationships and cause you to isolate and feel like you’re alone.

The mind is very busy during the day creating over 60,000 thoughts, much of which are based in anger and tension. That fact is quite alarming and uncomfortable to know that a human being can carry so many painful thoughts.

Stress, if not healed, can lead to larger setbacks such as brain fog, gastronomical issues, diabetes, hormone disturbances, elevated blood sugar, and persistent anxiety.

The phrase, “I’m not enough” is not a saying you want to continue. Today might be that day that you look at your current healing methods and if they’re not working, know that your missing link is still out there.

Peel away the layers of negative self-talk and encourage a gentler approach to soften life challenges. 

Your new mantra can become, “I am enough.”

Your mental health is ready to turn towards the positive to see accomplishments and experience more positive thoughts. Start to think of them right now.

Transition from saying “I’m not enough,” to “I am enough, and I am worthy.”

If you’re ready for a lifestyle that releases the negative inner-mind chatter that criticizes, judges, and does not serve you anymore, you can find your missing link and know that you’re enough today! 

Take a look at Rescripting to see if you’d like to come along on a Rescripting journey of your own.


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