Read This if You Feel Uncomfortable in Your Own Skin

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“Sigh… I feel uncomfortable in my own skin!”

Does this sound like a statement that you:

  • Often make
  • Sometimes say, but cringe
  • Know it’s true, but you’re embarrassed and ashamed to say it

If any or either of the above is true, let’s have an honest and open conversation about bringing back your confidence.

People who don’t feel comfortable in their skin are often offended, angry, worried, bored, or sad on a daily basis. The root cause of their suffering is likely missed by traditional doctors or therapists and prescription pills only create a bandaid and numbing effect to what’s really going on beneath the surface.

If you’re someone who can agree with the statement, “I don’t feel comfortable in my own skin”, I’d like to help you. In fact, I work with several business professionals who come to me expressing deep sadness and overwhelm about not trusting themselves, their bodies, or feeling like they’ll never feel better or heal.

There are so many clients who have seen multiple medical practitioners who haven’t produced the results they’re seeking and the agony becomes deep pain with a heavy feeling of ‘stuckness’. 

If this sounds like you, the time has come for a more focused approach that I call Rescripting; and it’s a method my clients refer to as “magic”. 

If being uncomfortable in your own skin is holding you back from a raise, leading a team, managing a proposal or project, or keeping your skillsets hidden behind stress and overwhelm, a holistic coach may be what you need and deserve.

I can guide you to transform negative thoughts, emotional obstacles, and physiological patterns that produce constant stress and impede your healing process. 

“Treat the root cause,” I always say.

As a holistic mindset coach, I know that the role that negative emotions play in your life is huge. They can weigh you down. These blind spots, also known as limiting beliefs, can be defined as blockages but can be released through coaching.

Any stuck feelings that affect the quality of sleep, energy levels, relationships, love life, family life, and career can be let go of with the right holistic mindset coach.

I want you to feel strong, capable, confident, and happy.

I want you to go from: “I feel uncomfortable in my own skin!” to “I trust my body again!”.


Take a look at this client review:

“I went from a nobody-loves-me-and-I-love-nobody attitude, plus unemployment, to be a person totally involved in work and having new, present relationships that are flourishing. I hold Roberta in my highest regard.” B.T, New York.

If there is a state of stress alive right now in your body that propels you not to feel comfortable with yourself, it’s time for holistic healing with the right expert.

I’d like to guide you to an empowered state of mental health. You can learn more at and while you’re at it, click here for more testimonials, rave reviews, and insight into your wellbeing. You can also book a call with me here.


In 2001, I founded The Park Avenue Center for Wellbeing, and through a successful acupuncture practice, I worked with vital emotional components that lie beneath physical ailments. Today, I heal busy professional clients from all over the world through my in-depth phone coaching sessions that focus on integrative wellness and life coaching. Clients respond astoundingly; and whether it’s pain, emotional stress, digestive issues, immune challenges, or imbalances, they rely on my methodology to rescript their lives and shift from mindset ruts to learning how to embrace life with joy, in new ways. 

Professionals can have the health, wellness, and life they truly want

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About Rescript Your Life Now

Known for her successful treatment of mystery illnesses, Roberta Mittman and her team at Rescript Your Life Now combine an integrative, functional medicine approach with the appropriate lab testing.

Our unique approach to diagnosing and treating diseases and disorders recognizes that lasting health depends on resolution of the root causes of your disease. Click here to learn more »