Release and Rescript: Your 4-Step Wellbeing Check-In

Release and Rescript: Your 4-Step Wellbeing Check-In_uncomfortable in my own skin, hsp, highly sensitive people, rescript, discovery calls, Roberta Mittman, holistic life coach

The Power of Four

Navigate your way into empowering mental health with a proven, proprietary, cutting-edge technique that works quickly and comfortably.

If you don’t currently work with a holistic health coach and feel uncomfortable in your own skin, you can revive your well-being with the tips in this article.

First, look at the current mental health stats, which are staggering!

  • More than 77% of people under 30 report daily anxiety.
  • 85% of the world’s population suffers from low self-esteem.
  • And many people say they haven’t felt happiness in over two years.

Worries, stress, and feeling uncomfortable in your own skin can rob you of an abundant and joyful life. What if you could manage them and see where they came from so they would diminish and even disappear

  • Are you confronted with relationship challenges?
  • Are you facing a higher cost of living?
  • Are you juggling too much in your life? 
  • Are you experiencing heartache and loss?

Take back your peace of mind and self-confidence starting today with these 4 WellBeing Check-ins, framed within the mindset of a holistic life coach who works 1:1 with clients to heal quickly.

  1. Got Anxiety? WELLBEING CHECK-IN: Release Your Worry. What specific concerns do you carry month to month? What would it take for you to let stress go to feel lighter?
  1. In Hiding? WELLBEING CHECK-IN: Check your avoidance habits. What’s made you so strong-minded that you push past healing and close yourself off? What would it take for you to change these habits and find peace?
  1. People-pleasing? WELLBEING CHECK-IN: Set boundaries. What makes you say yes to everyone but leave yourself with less in the end? What would it take for you to put yourself first?
  1. Feel Dulled-Down? WELLBEING CHECK-IN- Change your mindset. What keeps you down? Can you put your finger on it? What would it take for you to take small healing steps instead of seeing the world as one significant obstacle?

Maybe you need a modality that’s different from usual coaching and has quicker results than therapy to help relieve your stress.

Now, you’re ready to become comfortable in your own skin again!

I’ve been working 1:1 with clients to manage their well-being, and they rave about my Prescribing coaching as “magic!”

Rescripting is a proprietary technique that offers a shortcut to knowing how to think about yourself and your life in successful ways you never thought possible. 

No matter where you are, you can work with me as your holistic life coach through Zoom or phone to feel safe, to vent, and to release.

If you’re excited to go from uncomfortable in your own skin to feeling confident, this is your chance to impact your well-being and break free from stress.

If you’re curious, burnt out, or overwhelmed, click here to set up a 1:1 discovery call to finally get to the root cause of your unhappiness so you can have a mentally strong year.


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