Release Your 2 am Money Worries

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If you’re tossing and turning in the middle of the night with worries about the state of your bank account, you’re not alone, especially these days, and especially if you’re a highly sensitive person.

You could be riding the roller coaster of stock market ups and downs, mixed with a heavy dose of uncertainty, stress, an upset feeling, and deep, uncontrollable negativity. That is unless you have the benefit of working with someone who can guide you through the storm of doom and gloom to find peace, calm, and a sense of the abundance that we all share. 

 I am proud to call myself a holistic mindset coach, and I have a few questions to ask you about your money worries. Can you tell me if thoughts like these popped into your mind lately:

  • My money will disappear.
  • How will I pay my bills?
  • What will happen to the life I’ve saved for?
  • How can I stay afloat and even prosper?

If you answered yes with a bit of stress and are ready to feel calm when you think about your finances, let’s turn those anxiety fears around should limiting beliefs intrude, bringing sleepless nights of worry.

At Rescript Your Life Now, you will learn how to become assured around financial fears and dramatically impact your sense of safety as you find inner peace.

In fact, Rescripting can help you discover what your long-held money “stories” are that block a life of unquestioning prosperity and self-worth through a proprietary yet simple, a gentle technique I will lead you in. Offering you an opportunity to rewrite and transform old, outdated beliefs of scarcity into new, empowering possibilities, our Rescripting conversations, different from any others, will help you attain a healthier life outlook, no matter your current state of stress, anxiety, or overwhelm. 


These repetitive thoughts about lack of money, resources, and support in your life often start in childhood and become frozen in time as your autopilot. Chances are, they are influencing your thinking even today about your self-worth and ability to manage safely and effectively during these challenging times. Unemployment fears, retirement stress, inflation worries, lower sales, impeded cash flow, greater levels of expense—suppose you were able to transform your thinking about all of these topics and feel unafraid—and maybe even more positive around the concepts of deserving abundance and having plenty available to you—and to everyone. 


In fact, Rescripting can help you to shift your mindset as a highly sensitive person filled with financial worries, which, if left unchecked, can crush your best plans for peace and happiness.  


To start you on the process, Id like to offer four powerful steps to free you from the financial mindset prison that comes with money-based negative thoughts.


Four Steps to Rescript Fear into Financial Confidence from a Holistic Mindset Coach:


Step 1: Become clear about your desires. Know and believe that you can find a financial way forward. Whatever is causing your fears will not last forever. 

Step 2: Get to know your money blocks. Start to notice whenever you feel tense or triggered around finances, such as while looking at your bank statement, bills, or the money in your wallet. When fears resurface, you can learn how your past can shape your future as well as how to shift scarcity thinking to thoughts about deserving abundance. 

*If you dont understand what your money blocks are, click here and schedule a Rescripting Session for help. 

Step 3: Forgive yourself. All too often we fixate on what we don’t have and then blame ourselves for not doing enough to bring in the money we need. Fear perpetuates more fear, but you can stay in control. 

Step 4. Your childhood fears may be resurfacing. Many of us didn’t grow up in wealthy families, and the worries we have today could stem from our families’ cultural mindsets around prosperity and resources. 

Rescripting can help you release thoughts of scarcity into acceptance of the abundance that’s surrounding all of us. Even at 2 am. 

Wishing you sweet dreams!


Take care,  



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