Why do sounds annoy me lately?

woman who is sensitive with noises

If you are a highly sensitive person (HSP), noise can profoundly impact your day-to-day lifestyle.

I’m offering advice for HSPs and anyone who often feels uncomfortable in their own skin and experiences anxiety with specific sounds to respond in healthier ways to heightened stimuli.

Constant background noise can manifest into irritability, which drowns out confidence, makes you feel uneasy, and puts your inner critic in the driver’s seat.

Highly sensitive people process information differently, creating a way of life susceptible to different patterns, feelings, thoughts, and worldly experiences.

1 in 3 people are HSPs. You may be one!

If you are, developing resilient ways to cope with excessive background chatter, loud music, traffic, or simple daily alarms can bring you back into balance.

Certain noises can disrupt an HSP’s ability to concentrate, relax, or engage in activities, causing stress, agitation, and physical discomfort.

As an expert with over 30 years of experience as an Acupuncturist, I have developed a proprietary process with Rescript coaching to help you see the world from a calmer lens.

Here are two situational HSP examples where clients have noted “I feel uncomfortable in my own skin” and carry too much anxiety:

A recent client explained that she felt overwhelmed for over 20 minutes in her nail salon due to excessive chatter from the manicurists.

That’s a prime way an HSP experiences a normal situation with heightened stimuli.

Another client was provoked by long, virtual work meetings listening to consistent people talking or presenting.

She said, “It was so hard to focus and stay connected!”

This is an excellent example of how adults experience daily life with heightened sensory stimuli. 

It is crucial for HSPs to maintain well-being when experiencing inevitable sound disruptions. If you’ve never experienced Rescript coaching, this may be your chance.

Noise can make you feel tangled, making finding balance challenging. If you would like further clarification, explore the Rescripting resources on high sensitivity.

Rescripting is the trusted integrative, holistic approach to self-transformation that blends the most effective ancient practices with modern techniques to enhance your energy to a whole new level. I offer Rescript coaching and provide multitudes of tools, techniques, and virtual coaching options to help you develop as an HSP.

As silly as a noise disruption may sound, you can turn it into a growth moment if you’re ready for a calmer perspective.


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