Rescript Your Fears

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“I can’t catch a break! I haven’t been able to catch my breath since Covid started, and I feel as if I’m drowning in a sea of overwhelm. When will it all end?” 

Lisa, a mindset coaching client of mine. She’s in her 50s, and she uttered these words, clearly feeling afraid of handling her currently chaotic issues–with fears of what’s coming next. If you’re like Lisa and 90 percent of my coaching clients who suffer from stress, anxiety, and overwhelm at the front and center of their thoughts, this article can help you. 

What I hear most in my practice includes an array of fears—from post-pandemic concerns, sudden financial downs, international conflicts, and health crises to fears of the unknown and future ‘what-ifs’ that are embedded with general apprehension and unease. 

When left unchecked, like a runaway train, fear can cause a cascade of health consequences, rob you of your sleep, and result in moodiness and relationship issues, especially if those worries aren’t expressed. However, if you have a trusted mentor or guide on your team, you can hop on the path to effectively handling fears and becoming more resilient over time.   

Here are 5 holistic healing ideas to help you find a calm, peaceful state right now: 

  1. When powerful emotions, such as fears and anxiety, take hold, they’re usually triggered by a time in the past when you felt afraid or uncomfortable. This creates blind spots and limiting beliefs. You might even say to yourself, “That again?” because you previously buried or even handled this issue before. Like layers of an onion, fears can pop up again and again, needing to be addressed once more. 

RESCRIPT YOUR FEAR: Your fears can teach you how to feel safe with your thoughts and with the present moment. 

  1. Validate your feelings. Feel your fear. Name it to tame it. Where do you feel it in your body? You might want to put your hands over that place, maybe your heart, and send some compassion to yourself. 

RESCRIPT YOUR FEAR. Make space to feel your feelings, even if they are uncomfortable or if they produce blindspots. 

  1. Question your “story” about the fears. Do you remember when you felt this way before? How old were you? (Look back to your childhood and parents or other caregivers.) What are you afraid will happen now? Is it true?

Fear is a negative guess about the future that hasn’t occurred yet, even if it feels inevitable. 

RESCRIPT YOUR FEAR: Consider a positive outcome, or even better, make space for neutrality, finding calm without not knowing what’s next. 

  1. Turn your focus onto the present moment. Bring yourself back to the here and now. Are you sitting or standing? Can you feel your breath? See, smell, feel, and hear what’s around you. 

RESCRIPT YOUR FEAR: Focus on what’s going right. Realize that you’re actually safe. Focusing on the present moment can be a powerful antidote to anxiety and fear.   

  1. Find a trusted guide to help you learn to embrace uncertainty and fears. Identifying and releasing your own fears yourself can simply be difficult. Uncertainty is fundamentally built into our existence, but knowing how to accept change, and becoming resilient to fear is within your reach.  

RESCRIPT YOUR FEAR: Develop self-compassion and gratitude to enable you to be in a stronger place to choose how you respond.  

Adopting these steps when you’re feeling anxious takes practice, but they will help you build confidence to tackle problems, eliminate blind spots and eradicate fears. 

You can’t personally control what’s going on in the world, but you can choose to concentrate on what you can control. And that alone will help you make better decisions to live your most fulfilled and peaceful life. Holistic healing may be a new choice for you to rescript your fear.

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