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Chronic stress can leave you feeling hopeless and lost, especially if you’ve worked with many doctors, therapists, coaches and health experts who haven’t provided positive results. Today, you’re asked to consider Rescripting as a powerful option to recalibrate your body and mind, making wellness a priority through Rescripting your worry into a positive perspective so that recovery, self–esteem, and confidence are at the forefront of healing.

Holistic Coaching Relieves Daily Emotional Reactions

Do you have that feeling that you’re being chased by a bear, but there really is no bear. That’s the emotional tension that comes with navigating chronic stress and sensitivity. Your limiting beliefs seem real, but with the right holistic health coach and guide, you realize that stealth fears hidden in the mind can be released. 

Rescripting gives you newfound hope to live a fulfilling life using new holistic principles that cause stuck feelings to be re-written. Get to the root cause of sensitivity and fears by looking at your lifestyle, nutrition, mental health, mindset, family, career, environment and stress levels. When you Rescript your stress, we look at everything, and you walk away knowing how to move forward healthily. Rescripting can especially help you if you’re an HSP, a term used to describe a group of people whose brains process information very deeply, including emotions, thoughts, and sensory input which makes them more physically and emotionally sensitive than other people. HSP’s and individuals who have a doom and gloom perspective can often repeat phrases like the ones below: 

"I don't feel like I'm enough!"

"Why am I not healing?"

"I'll never get better."

"Everyone will abandon me."

"I can't trust anyone."

"That person's better, but not me."

"Things never work out for me."

"My fears are getting the best of me."

"People judge me because of my sensitivities"

"I'll never be as happy as my friends."

"Everyone feels sorry for me."

"No one loves me because I'm an anxious wreck ."

Rescript your life breaks you free from negative thought patterns like the ones above that contribute to chronic stress. It may be time to feel like you again. At Rescript Your Life Now, you can expect to achieve the following:

Bring false beliefs to the surface so that they can be rewired and boost healing.

Use my Rescripting mindset technique with other therapies to speed up your healing process.

Unblock old stories from the past and rewrite them into a positive future.

Become aware of thoughts, feelings and beliefs to heal the body and provide peace of mind.


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