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From Frustrated Isolation
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Chronic stress can leave you feeling hopeless, lost, and uncomfortable in your own skin. If you haven’t found results from other coaches, doctors, or therapists, you can turn to Rescripting as a powerful option to rapidly recalibrate your body and mind and prioritize wellness so that self–esteem and confidence are at the forefront of your healing.

A Holistic Life Coach to Relieve Daily Emotional Reactions

Do you have that feeling that you’re being chased by a bear, but there really is no bear. That’s the emotional tension that comes with navigating chronic stress and sensitivity. Your limiting beliefs seem real, but with the right holistic life coach and guide, you realize that stealth fears hidden in the mind can be released. 

Rescripting gives you newfound hope to live a fulfilling life. Did you know that through holistic principles you can release stuck feelings? They can be re-written and you can get to the root cause of sensitivity and fears! 

Together, we will look at your lifestyle, nutrition, mental health, mindset, family, career, environment, and stress levels. When you Rescript your stress, you look at everything holistically, and you walk away knowing how to move forward healthily. Rescripting can especially help you if you’re an HSP, a term used to describe a group of people whose brains process information very deeply, including emotions, thoughts, and sensory input, making them more physically and emotionally sensitive than other people. HSP’s have a highly sensitive personality and express a doom-and-gloom perspective can often repeat phrases like the ones below: 

"I don't feel like I'm enough!"

"Why am I not healing?"

"I'll never get better."

"Everyone will abandon me."

"I can't trust anyone."

"That person's better, but not me."

"Things never work out for me."

"My fears are getting the best of me."

"People judge me because of my sensitivities"

"I'll never be as happy as my friends."

"Everyone feels sorry for me."

"No one loves me because I'm an anxious wreck ."

Rescript your life breaks you free from negative thought patterns like the ones above that contribute to chronic stress. It may be time to feel like you again. At Rescript Your Life Now, you can expect to achieve the following:

Bring false beliefs to the surface so that they can be rewired and boost healing.

Use my Rescripting mindset technique with other therapies to speed up your healing process.

Unblock old stories from the past and rewrite them into a positive future.

Become aware of thoughts, feelings and beliefs to heal the body and provide peace of mind.


Rescripting Coaching Services

Holistic Health Coaching combines integrative mind-body and modern methodologies to find your hidden potential to heal.


Enjoy Ongoing Assistance

10 our of 10 clients who sign up for one session return for a larger package.

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Rescript Your Life & Reset Your Stress

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Rescripting is quickly becoming a popular coaching technique and since it’s only found here at Rescript Your Life Now, I put this section together to answer questions before you schedule your first session.

What is Rescripting?

Rescripting is a holistic mind-training technique that I use to help clients defeat overwhelm, stress, and anxiety. It’s a proprietary method developed from over 25 years of acupuncture and health coaching to elevate a client’s confidence level so that they can assuredly eradicate fears and make better choices to live a more peaceful life.

How does Rescripting work?

Rescripting quickly address subconscious fears and anxious habits, helping clients turn towards peace, contentment and prosperity, which comes from peace of mind. Clients choose what areas they would like to explore—or I assist them in finding an area to address. It helps people reprogram, rewrite, and rewire outdated, unhelpful thoughts, emotions, and patterns of action. Some clients call Rescripting internal acupuncture; others call it emotional archeology. It’s nice to hear my client base use their own definition of how it works for them.

How is Rescripting different from other coaching programs, medical approaches, or therapies?

Rescripting is different because of the revolutionary integrative technique developed that gets directly to the root cause of client issues. Quickly, efficiently, and in a gentle way, without years of talk therapy, meditations, or even medications, this holistic approach looks at a client’s lifestyle, mindset, and personality to work its wonders. While other coaches and therapists tend to focus on issues, with Rescripting, I focus on a total way of life so that negativity, stress, and overwhelm are immediately addressed. Clients jump into the driver’s seat to respond, think, and act in new, mindful ways that not only alleviate past pains but also add to inner confidence.

What does the term “Rescripting” actually mean?

The word “Rescripting” describes a way to reprogram negative thoughts, patterns, habits, and emotions into new, positive life shifts. Each Rescripting coaching session is an opportunity for clients to lessen harmful ways of being such as guilt, worry and fear. Instead of pushing burdens out of sight, because they tend to pop up again to plague us, we Rescript them and rewrite negative thoughts with a new positive perspective so that recovery, self–esteem, and confidence are at the forefront of healing.

What makes Rescripting work quickly?

When clients come to me to release fears, stress, anxiety, and overwhelm, I help them reset their thought processes so that they feel comfortable in their own bodies. Clients are thrilled by how fast they see results. There are amazing positive outcomes that arrive with speed because I quickly uncover stealth emotions and thoughts from the past. These painful, debilitating mementoes of our earlier days are often the root cause of issues. Rescripting is a quick solution that drives straight to limiting beliefs without long talk therapy. This powerful, proprietary technique has proven successful when used over virtual calls or telephone sessions that help people at any age, anywhere across the world.

What does Rescripting do that other coaching or therapies can’t achieve?

This innovative technique uncovers the actual root cause of problems bringing in the elements of why, who, what, where, and when; and then; it offers a holistic focus that addresses issues in a deeper way than a therapist or life coach. My intuitive process helps clients tackle and release old baggage that no longer serves them, while ushering in happiness and empowerment so they can begin their lives anew, starting today.

Who is Rescripting for?

Rescripting is for busy professional adults, men and women 30+, who want to live successfully, comfortably, and meaningfully. Rescripting neutralizes subconscious fears and the weight of anxiety from the past to make space for a more permanent solution than what they’ve been offered by doctors, therapists, or coaches. Some clients have childhood trauma, others feel abandoned, and many are looking for tools to step out of a cyclical negative mindset. For adults who suffer from perfectionist habits or who are hypersensitive and continuously react emotionally to situations and people, Rescripting may be their key to finally heal.

How does Rescripting help people get over their stress or fears?

Every individual is different and has a unique healing journey. And many clients report that this process works much more quickly than talk therapy. Moreover, doctors and medical practitioners aren’t trained in holistic healing, and they often don’t look at the whole picture. Additionally, not all coaches are trained in holistic healing and they don’t focus on the root causes of a problem. My technique pinpoints exactly where fears come from, and then we focus on releasing them, substituting empowering messages in their place.

How does Rescripting help couples and families?

Resentment and insecurity are a large concern of many clients who seek clarity in the world of relationships. They may even push others away due to stress and anxiety. After a few Rescripting sessions, adults regain their sense of self-worth and feel confident to love again.

Why would you recommend Rescripting to a friend or client?

If an adult you know is living with fear, stress, overwhelm, an illness, pain, divorce, relationship breakups, career disasters, family drama, internal pressure, perfectionism, sensitivity, and such, Rescripting is a coaching style that will uncover the root cause of problems so that any issue, especially those listed above, are finally dissolved.

What can I expect in a Rescripting Session?

Rescripting sessions are 50 minutes long and directly address emotional healing.  All that’s needed is an open mind and a willing heart. By the end of the session, clients report feeling more grounded, resilient, safe to feel heard and seen, and eager to be open to new ways of thinking so that they can finally live a life they absolutely love.