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I invite you to schedule a Finally Heal Breakthrough Call to discover how to feel whole again, to seek joy and to reunite with your purpose.

With this initial call, we explore ways in which your healing journey can come to fruition. In just one call, you’ll receive personalized insight and be empowered to make optimal choices to feel unstoppable again.

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Let’s talk. Start with a call to learn more about feeling whole again and reuniting with your purpose.

  In just one call, you’ll receive personalized insight to be empowered to make optimal choices to feel unstoppable.

Your hidden potential to heal is just minutes away.

Learn How Rescripting Can Change Your Life

Answer a few brief questions and we’ll schedule a date and time to meet via phone or zoom. This exhilarating step towards health and wellness is so powerful, you’ll be so glad you took the time to call.

If you’ve seen multiple doctors, coaches and therapists and you’re still stressed, the tranquility you’re looking for may be found through Rescripting sessions.

At the end of our call, you can choose the right Rescripting package that fits with your schedule and lifestyle. Will you join me as your holistic life coach to rescript your life?

“Rescripting Discovery Calls lead to success. Many clients are so pleased with the first call, they sign up for Rescripting right away. You absolutely deserve to be happy. Rescripting is a path to rediscover joy. Let’s begin.” – Roberta Mittman

Testimonials Rave about Rescripting Results

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Roberta's phone sessions are incredibly useful! Every time we do a phone session together I'm amazed all over again how my issues are resolved just as effectively as with my in-person sessions! I've been utilizing this gift of phone sessions for months. Thank you, Roberta, for being my support wherever I may be!
R.S. New York , NY

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I went from a nobody loves me and I love nobody attitude, plus unemployment to a person totally involved in work and have new present relationships that are flourishing. I hold Robert in my highest regard.

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Roberta is a godsend! She's so personal and accommodating and she explains everything that she's doing to provide a harmonious, integrated and effective way of healing. I'm so grateful.
A. R.

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Learn how quick and effective Rescripting can be so that you leave behind stress, overwhelm, and anxiety for a life filled with deep satisfaction, freedom, and prosperity. A quick and easy virtual Zoom or phone call can show you the fastest way to heal beyond your fears.