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Meet Roberta

Roberta Mittman brings decades of medical, scientific, and holistic knowledge to her coaching practice. Her passion and commitment to healing clients from the inside out has led her to coach clients who are chronically ill and desire a new blueprint for their wellness journey. With a unique blend of modern psychology and Chinese medicine principles, her methods are remarkable and inspiring. In fact, many doctors who referred patients to her practice also became clients themselves!

Hi, I'm Roberta

I bring decades of medical, scientific, and holistic knowledge to my life coaching practice and use proprietary tools to guide clients to heal from the inside out. If you suffer from chronic stress, anxiety, overwhelm, fears, sensitivity, or body acceptance issues and desire a new blueprint for your wellness journey, I can help you get to the root cause. With a unique blend of modern psychology, Chinese medicine principles, and an emotional component called Rescripting, sessions provide fast, effective, and gentle results. Many therapists who refer patients to my practice also become clients.

My work began in 2002 when I founded The Park Avenue Center for Wellbeing, which ignited my dream of bringing holistic professionals together to heal all types of people. I had a flourishing acupuncture practice and became certified in several holistic modalities, which inspired me to work with clients on emotional components that lived beneath physical ailments.

Today, I heal clients from all over the world through my in-depth Rescripting sessions that focus on integrative wellness, life coaching, and energetic cleansing from childhood stress and trauma. I guide clients to give themselves permission to be who they are meant to be and they respond astoundingly well. Whether it’s emotional stress, deep-rooted fears, or overwhelm imbalances, clients rely on my Rescrpting technique to not feel invisible anymore. This technique is especially helpful for HSP’s who have a highly sensitive personality to embrace life with joy.

Making optimal changes to reinvent yourself is exciting. You can have the health, wellness, and life you truly want. And you can feel vibrant and full of possibility again.

Through my holistic coaching approach, I  focus on mental and emotional ailments so that you can:

  • Get over limiting beliefs to feel safe and supported in mind and body. 
  • No longer see stress as a setback, putting new practices into place that transition the mind from living in the past to finding joy in the present moment.
  • Step out of the fear paradigm to access innate personal power with a healthy mind.
  • Find the gifts of being an HSP (Highly sensitive person) who is no longer addicted to fear and is happier than ever.

“A confident and empowered mindset will produce game-changing ways of managing pain, diffusing fears and acknowledging next steps. Rescripting safely and gently takes you from a whirlwind lifestyle filled with insecurity and delivers you back to yourself, trusting your body and mind with renewed positive energy.” – Roberta Mittman, L.Ac.

Rescript Your Sensitivity

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Learn how quick and effective Rescripting can be so that you leave behind stress, overwhelm, and anxiety for a life filled with deep satisfaction, freedom, and prosperity. A quick and easy virtual Zoom or phone call can show you the fastest way to heal beyond your fears.

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