Go From Scattered to Self-Accepted

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Calm Your Mind This Summer.

There are over 40 million Americans who suffer from anxiety, and an estimated 275 million people all over the world suffer from stress disorders. 

If you’re reading this and currently feel stressed, or believe that you may be suffering from a chronic anxious condition that causes you to think that you’re one of the 40 million Americans above, this article can be your inspiration to try something new.

People who struggle with stress often have a lack of belief in themselves, which becomes a blind spot, then a chronic habit, and can become a long-time setback.

I’m a mindset coach who focuses on holistic coaching dedicated to guiding people to accept their greatest potential. Whether stress in your life causes relationship breakdowns, career falls, family drama, past trauma, or even self-despise, you can heal it in its tracks. I’ve seen many transformations in my career. I know that the “scattered to self-acceptance” mindset shift exists, especially when limiting beliefs are discovered and rescripted.

A limiting belief is a state of mind about yourself that restricts you in some way. Limiting beliefs are caused by stress and can get in your way of accepting who you are. They can hold you back from healthy relationships and make you feel like you’re just not enough.

Self-acceptance can arrive. It’s a humble opportunity to shift old habits and re-write negative stories in your mind that hold you back. Perhaps your weight has gotten in the way, or a divorce set you back. Maybe you suffer from abandonment issues from parents or your past and that mentality keeps you “stuck”. If you’d like to accept yourself again, a rescript can help. Rescripting is a method that I use to unite mental health with holistic healing.

To admit that you are stressed is a healthy first step to going from scattered to self-accepted. From there, a route to find blind spots begins.

If you’re looking for renewed self-acceptance and want to redefine yourself at any age, here are three tips for owning self-acceptance now:

  1. Know that you are lovable. Instead of falling victim to the notion that you’re not deserving of being loved, look in the mirror and tell yourself, “I love you. You are loved.” Repeat these phrases a few times to understand that even if the world seems as though it’s not here to support you, you can give yourself the credit you deserve with positive words.
  2. Replenish your energy. If you feel burnt out or exhausted, rest up. Stress can make to-do lists look like a never-ending struggle. Enjoy more downtime and learn how to acknowledge small daily accomplishments. Celebrate the little wins as they take place, and find yourself with renewed energy from the simple act of checking just one item off your list.
  3. Acknowledge that this can be a truly great day. Develop a morning gratitude routine to start as soon as you wake up. And instead of the usual negative ‘what if’s,’ transform your mindset for the rest of the day to notice what is going well, smoothly, and right in your world.  

Sometimes a simple reminder to love yourself is the beginning of self-acceptance and the possible end to stress and anxiety. It’s that healthy rediscovery of gratitude that can lead to a return of belief in oneself.

Be willing to accept yourself today. 

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