SOS for Emotional Triggers in Your Relationships

SOS for Emotional Triggers in Your Relationships_HSP_USA

Since the pandemic and as a relationship coach, my Rescripting coaching sessions have witnessed an influx of couples with one or both partners being an HSP, or Highly Sensitive Person.

Couples working from home in close quarters, co-parenting, and using their kitchen table and bedroom as offices are looking for help to weather the storms that arise in their relationship. In other words, stress made its mark in the past two years.

Whether you’re suffering from constant tiffs, a lack of apologies, or emotional triggers, you’ll discover quick results and an approach available to help your relationship flourish in these trying times. 

Working through your sensitivities has never been easier, and I’m proud to provide a client-tested way to bounce back and grow. I’m just a click away.

Now, just a quick note: A holistic health coach can help you reframe your stress, mental health, anxiety, and sensitivities. The results can be quick and effective, and most importantly, the results for your relationship can make all the difference when you look within and then see your partner with a new lens.

Here are 3 quick fixes to keep your love-life flame lit, especially if you’re an HSP.

  1. Rescript confrontations! 

Release confrontational habits. Recognize sensitive argument patterns that heighten your emotions and stress. If you harbor a consistent need to judge your partner, be mindful of constant criticisms and bickering.

  1. Rescript your frustrations! 

When you’re easily frustrated, question yourself. Instead of feeling agitated, ask yourself, “What am I feeling and why?” Stray away from comparisons that create victim thoughts such as “You always…” or “You never…” Those statements just breed more resentment. 

  1. Rescript your reality!  

There’s no time like the present to love the one you’re with! Find some answers to your challenges by looking at the patterns in your life. I guarantee that you’ll see similarities that could use a reality check.

Here’s the good news from a relationship coach: In addition to the above factors, you may find multiple benefits of being sensitive. Being a highly sensitive person means that you’re caring, compassionate, and perceptive; all bonuses for love!

Learn how to navigate stress by turning constant worrisome thoughts to lessen the inner war in your mind and increase more outward love in your relationships. Let’s have a conversation today.

A first-time holistic relationship coach conversation can impact your love life in many ways, and the biggest part of it is that you get to see the sensitivities that are blocked by your blind spots. You know, those limiting beliefs that help you justify and blame so that life is easier on you and the fault is on everyone else? Yeah, those… they can disappear for good. Rescripting is monumental for sourcing deep-rooted feelings and helping you press reset to change your behaviors for the better.

And here’s the even bigger news: A great love doesn’t come around very often. If you’ve found “the one,” working with your sensitive behavior can become the healthiest transition into being the role model you’ve always wanted to be in your relationship. 

Now… let’s take this opportunity to work on your stress and rekindle your love.

 >>> Learn more about Rescripting coaching for HSPs here.

P.S. Sometimes, you just need strategies and words that reflect the real you. We can find your best path ahead with authenticity and peace, and even more so with a relationship coach.


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