Stop Body Negativity With These 5 Steps

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Body acceptance is a personal journey that can be clothed in stress, anxiety, and failure. As a holistic mindset coach, I can help you make changes in how you look and feel. 

Are you ready?

 Coming to terms with body neutrality may seem difficult because many of us have spent so much time in our minds, exhausting our energy and disrespecting our bodies with failure talk that arises from fear, stress, and anxiety.

 Harsh self-judgment and accompanying suffering are heavy burdens to carry, from societal demands to clothes that no longer fit, to insecurity. The consistent lies that force a majority of us to put ourselves last can be stopped.

 Body acceptance issues can squash your self-esteem and self-confidence. 

 Self-sabotage can be a real handicap when you’re trying to find the positives about your “here and now body.”

 At Rescript Your Life Now, you and I will focus on body acceptance and re-write new perspectives to see you and others through a positive lens.

 If body-image reruns are holding you back with stress and anxiety, you may benefit from at least 1 or all of these 5 steps from my Rescripting Mindset Technique. 

First, we heal the mind, then we heal the body: 

  1. Surrender to the fact that no “easy” way to body acceptance exists. A one-size-fits-all approach to health has never worked, so try being who you are, then review the next logical actions that you can take to experience a more positive frame of mind.
  2.  Accept that having a guide can be super helpful during your hardest days. Body positivity can be difficult to navigate alone, and it can be even more difficult around family, partners, and friends. Working with a holistic mindset coach is an empowerment choice that you can make to smooth your struggle to finding love for who you are in your “here and now body.”
  3.  Take your time. Easy does it. You’ll have days when you falter, and if we work together, I will be there to guide you. Body acceptance is not a sprint. It’s more like a healthy marathon.
  4.  Motivate yourself. Find encouraging ways to supercharge new habits to see yourself in a better light. Wear comfortable clothes, spend less time in front of the mirror, and see what a miracle your body is for all it does for you.
  5.  Find the right information. A holistic mindset coach to help you with body positivity can bring a sense of success with tips and advice you won’t find anywhere else.


Here are some Rescripting Body Confidence Reversals that you can reframe: 


Negative Mindset Ruts                                     The Rescript Technique

 “I won’t go out looking like this!”         —>      “I can accept myself for who I am.”

 “I don’t like the way my body looks.”  —>    “I’m working toward my goals one step at a time.”


Old limiting beliefs and our diet culture can stop you on day one and keep you down, or it can be defeated when you finally find the right guide to help you accept your body. 

Every day is a new day to begin. Rescript your body positivity with me this season!

 P.S. Learn more about how the Rescripting technique works with your body-image issues, stress, and anxiety, and learn how a holistic mindset coach can be the refreshing path you’ve been looking for all along. 

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