The Dark Side of People Pleasing

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Break Free from Being an Approval Junkie

Are you plagued by “the need to please,” constantly seeking approval from friends, loved ones, and colleagues, and, as a result, do you feel drained and exhausted? Are you considered a highly sensitive person? Do you know?

Beneath the people pleaser’s super-nice facade is a deep-seated fear of rejection and a need for external validation of self-worth. This inadequacy causes one to say, “I feel uncomfortable in my own skin.”

You might not know this, but for many, people-pleasing begins in childhood, and if unhealed, it continues into adulthood. 

  • Did you feel accepted when you were a child?
  • Did you find that doing for others was your primary way to win love and approval? 
  • Do you feel insecure about not being appreciated or respected as an adult?

If pleasing others is ingrained within your psyche, or if you’re a highly sensitive person, it can shape your decisions and actions and hurt your self-worth. If you constantly strive for perfection in relationships, careers, and social circles, this email can help you break free from the negative habits of the dark side of pleasing people. Rescript coaching is considered “Magic” for clients who constantly mutter the phrase, “I feel uncomfortable in my own skin.”

Put an end to the relentless quest for external validation!

Approval-seeking habits include excessively saying yes when you want to say no, hiding, feeling embarrassed, and lowering your priorities with phrases like:

  • “Do you think it’s ok if I”
  • “I hope you’re not mad, but”
  • “I am sorry if this bothers you, but”

Feel close to home? 

In my 30-year practice at Rescript coaching, I developed a revolutionary Rescripting Technique that helps clients realize that their self-approval is not tied to the opinions or judgments of others. I can help you if you’re a highly sensitive person, and if you repeat the phrase, “I feel uncomfortable in my own skin” with methods and tools to help you master coping mechanisms. Is it time to uncover the real story behind inadequate feelings that make you hide and avoid people and situations?

You deserve love and acceptance, and I want you to know that!

  • Try setting boundaries and recognizing it’s ok to say no.
  • Prioritize your own needs, even if it means disappointing someone.
  • Trust your intuition, even in the face of rejection.

Feel free to reach out for more assistance if you’d like 1:1 help creating a lifestyle that redefines your confidence to say:

“I embrace my authentic self, flaws and all.”

“I celebrate my uniqueness unapologetically.”

“I honor my own needs and wants. 

The most significant approval of all – is your own.

The Rescripting Technique is a proprietary method of Rescript coaching that is immensely valuable in helping clients find rapid solutions to the stress and anxiety of validation and the urge to receive applause from others. 

If you want more detailed tips, let’s have a conversation. If you want to find out if you’re a highly sensitive person, find time to be inquisitive at 

Being an approval junkie may feel like it’s in your way now, but be prepared to own your well-being soon.

Take care,


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