The Magic of 1:1 Rescripting for YOU!

The Magic of 1:1 Rescripting for YOU_people pleaser_highly sensitive person, uncomfortable in my own skin

Clients report that Rescripting and Rescript Coaching are “magic.”

Remember your last setback.

What was the personal cost? 

Did you lose time, money, or relationships? 


If you repeat the phrase,I feel uncomfortable in my own skin,” there’s a larger pattern from the past in play. Until it’s found, you’re destined to repeat it over and over again, especially if you’re a highly sensitive person who hasn’t received advice from an expert about the way you CAN handle complicated feelings.

Rescript coaching reframes you from an exhausting, limiting life to colossal potential.

The solution: 

Rescript Coaching with a trusted private guide to gain freedom and ease from the habitual, negative phrase, “I feel uncomfortable in my own skin.” 

There’s room in my 1:1 coaching schedule for you if you’re feeling stress, anxiety, if you’re a highly sensitive person who wants answers, or if you’re tired of people-pleasing.

Rescript Coaching is a perfect blend of comfort, safety, and ease if you’re fed up, at your wit’s end, or feel like you’ve hit a wall from any setback.

Private 1:1 Rescripting sessions pinpoint and rewrite your issues quickly and effectively so that you finally show up in the world knowing that you belong here. Plus, you get to rewrite the phrase, “I feel uncomfortable in my own skin,” to “I am comfortable with myself and my flaws, and I am ready to be confidently me.”

Over the past 25 years, I have perfected the Rescripting Technique to help clients regain their sense of self to stop those repetitive negative habits that become obstacles to personal growth. 

Are you ready for a change from lingering stress and fears?

My Rescripting technique is only available at Rescript Your Life Now, and specialties include: 

  • The creation of custom-tailored strategies and solutions to stop the unease you feel inside. Finally. 
  • Rebuild your self-confidence through feedback and deeper insights into your unconscious patterns. Gone. 
  • Faster progress than talk therapy using a unique technique that highlights what you’re repeating from the past. Done. 

Simply respond to this email with a resounding YES if you’d like assistance. 

I will send you my easy-to-complete questionnaire, and you can be the next to receive: 

  • Personalized expert attention 
  • Objective advice regarding your situation(s)
  • Confidentiality, trust, and safety 
  • Post-session notes and action plans 
  • 24/7 email and text access 
  • Direct and helpful answers if you’ve heard the phrase “highly sensitive person” and think you may be a contender

You received this email for a reason! Book a free Rescripting call to see if we’re a good fit. 

A comfortable, quick-results-driven opening is waiting for you! 

Be well, 


*PS: You can click ‘here and be directed to the questionnaire for a complimentary discovery session where you can find yourself intrigued by how the Rescripting Technique vastly differs from other coaching and therapy sessions with quicker results. 


Client Testimonial

“I gave my talk last night, and it went really, really well. I felt so comfortable in my body, grounded, and a whole new confidence. Thank you so much for the work we did- it made a significant difference in how I felt.” V.S. New York, NY


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