The Missing Link to Finding Body Acceptance

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Find the hidden blindspot that limits body acceptance.

Body acceptance is one of the most empowering yet troublesome paths to inner peace and increased energy at every age. (Warning: this may be a sensitive topic for you.)

So many of my clients begin their personal development journey convinced that their body issues have generated anxiety, self-judgment, stress, and unhappiness, which have been a battle for most of their life. 

Karen is a 55-year-old client who knows only too well how difficult overcoming weight and image issues can be. The number on her scale once determined the course of the rest of the day (or week, or month, or year—you get it), and if the needle moved up, distress, anxiety and self-abuse ensued regarding the way she spoke to herself about the state of her body and what it meant to her entire life. The measurement she saw usually led to a not-so-silent rampage of four-letter words and other uber-harsh comments that she would never utter to anyone else about their body size, diet failure, or appearance.

However, I’m guessing that you may be making these same cruel, self-defeating comments to yourself… 

That wonderful, deserving, lovable YOU. 

Does that message sound familiar? It used to be my story, too. I’m a holistic mindset coach, and my own words were lethal to my self-esteem until I discovered a secret that freed me from the prison of self-judgment, stress, frustration, anxiety, and self-betrayal. I needed a lifetime for release, so I’d like to help you cut the time and find the answer to personal freedom and happiness that comes with body acceptance. 

My solution to finding body acceptance was to Rescript. And you can do the same.  

Actually, what you have been inflicting on yourself isn’t your fault. Not at all. You see, we’ve all been brainwashed by “diet culture” for years and years—maybe forever in the United States—which has set forth that thinness is the gold standard of beauty, worthiness, lovability, and success. This blindspot is everywhere—magazines, models, social media, conversation, stores, marketing—the list goes on and on. And we’ve all bought into it hook, line, and sinker in our efforts to squeeze into the image of perfection of tall, starving 20-year-olds who serve as the standard to meet. 

And what about our prejudice against people in larger bodies whom we might feel sorry for, assuming that they have failed in their commitment to losing weight, are lazy, are unhealthy, and are “less than.” That common misconception needs to go out the window with the scale! These views are inaccurate and unfair and only reinforce our need to continue to follow the latest diet, which will fail 95 percent of the time 

I’m looking to you to start to lead the charge to affirm that all bodies are beautiful.

The proof: Just look at what our bodies do for us every day! Walk, digest food, make babies, hug, for starters. The problem is that limiting beliefs about ourselves and body size are pervasive and extend to all areas of our life. How stressful to feel this way every day, never happy with ourselves. Just think about all of the energy, money, and stress that have been devoted to the temple of thinness!  

Now, as a holistic mindset coach, I’ve committed myself to a new way to achieve a different, empowering way to look at myself and at you—at all of us humans.  

My innovative, new technique is called Rescript, and is the missing link to conquer the way you look and feel about yourself. Rescript is a term that I use in my holistic coaching practice to guide clients to discover a healthier mindset, especially when they feel ready to find a safe home in their bodies. This gentle technique helps you to re-envision perfectionist habits and negative behaviors that block happiness and growth.


And I’d love to work with you as your holistic mindset coach to help you to finally achieve the happiness and body peace that you long for and deserve.

 What are the negative stories that you’re subconsciously carrying? 

Sign up for a free, private consultation for body positivity techniques not offered by other coaches. You’ll also find your missing link to rewriting your body image with me at www.rescriptyourlifenow/rescripting.

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 P.P.S.  Self-love has arrived! 

Let’s start to embrace a healthier, more loving way to self-acceptance.  


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