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Are You Consistently Struggling With Emotional Stress, Sleep Problems, Or Having Troubles Losing Weight?

How We Help Clients Overcome Their Chronic Illness and Teach Them How to Take Control of Their Health and Well Being

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Roberta Mittman
Roberta Mittman
Rescript Your Life

Did You Know?

Do you know that 1 in 2 people suffer silently for years with reversible hormone imbalances, digestive disorders, stealth infections, and cognitive issues like brain fog and memory loss?

Do you also know that many people with these chronic health issues are never properly tested by their primary care doctors?

Oftentimes, they hear “everything is fine” or “it’s just a sign of getting older” when they know they don’t feel fine and feel like they aren’t being heard.

Left unchecked, all these issues can lead to more complicated health problems such as autoimmune disease, chronic pain, inflammation and heart disease, and obesity.

Join Us To Learn

  • Why your current health care provider may not be making the connection from chronic symptoms to what's really ailing you
  • What questions to ask your health provider to ensure you're partnering with the right expert
  • What advanced lab testing will provide the information needed to arrive at a precise diagnosis, so you don't have to guess as to how to treat your digestive distress
  • Why lifestyle can also play a huge role in how to rebalance and deal with chronic symptoms once we discover the root cause

Roberta brings decades of medical, scientific, and holistic knowledge to her coaching practice with passion and commitment to healing clients from the inside out. She has coached clients who are chronically ill and desire a new blueprint for their wellness journey and understand where you’re coming from. With a unique blend of modern psychology and Chinese medicine principles, her method is remarkable and inspiring. In fact, many doctors who referred clients to her practice also became clients themselves!

In 2001, Roberta founded The Park Avenue Center for Wellbeing and it ignited her dream of bringing holistic professionals together to heal all types of people. Through a successful acupuncture practice, she became certified in several holistic modalities including nutrition, allergies and sensitivities, and learned how to work with key emotional components that lie beneath physical ailments.

Today, she heals clients from all over the world due to her in-depth phone sessions that focus on integrative wellness and life coaching. Clients respond astoundingly and whether it’s pain, emotional stress, digestive issues, immune challenges or imbalances, they rely upon her innovative tools to rescript their life. A new blueprint gets written and clients shift from an ineffective mindset to learning how to embrace life whole-heartedly in new ways.