Why Can’t You Just Do It Already?

Why can’t you just do it already_ Rescript Your Inner Critic: Find Calm, Confidence and Joy

There are so many things wrong with you! (So says your inner critic.)

You feel scolded, insulted, or disrespected— again. 

So why do you keep accepting rude, negative behavior from yourself?

Good question!

And where is it coming from?

I’ve got a guess -Your inner critic, which is especially loud if you’re an HSP, highly sensitive person, or feel uncomfortable in your own skin.

That nagging voice in your head is very busy holding you back from trying to heal, find love, nurture relationships, and balance your energy.

We live in patterns, and often, without realizing it, we forget we’re in complete control!

  • If you put yourself last, that’s a pattern!
  • If you’re negative, it’s a pattern!
  • If you’re limiting yourself, that’s a pattern!

Deeply ingrained habits tell your inner critic to take the lead repetitively, which unfortunately holds you back from personal growth, makes you feel uncomfortable in your own skin, or causes you to feel nervous about being a highly sensitive person.

Isn’t it time you let go of limiting beliefs and …

  • Believed in yourself at this stage in life? 
  • Stopped thinking you’re “less than?”

Nurturing your inner critic is fundamental to finding calm, balance, and joy.

If you feel like you’ve tried everything to silence your inner critic but you haven’t tried Rescripting yet, we’re getting somewhere…

Imagine yourself not feeling uncomfortable in your own skin with:

  • Increased energy
  • Diverse tools to hush your inner critic when it is at its worst
  • Nurtured confidence to curb your fears with self-confidence

That inner critic may never be gone, especially if you’re a highly sensitive person, but understanding it will help.

You get to choose your highest potential, not the critic who fights you daily.  

Where areas need the most help regarding your inner critic?

Relationship nurturing







I can help you Rescript it all quickly and effectively.

Say goodbye to feeling uncomfortable in your own skin.

If you scold yourself often, please know you’re stronger than your pattern, and I can help!

Click this link for a 1:1 invitation to get to a healthier place with an expert who knows precisely how to handle your worries.

Be well,


“I went from no-one loves me, plus unemployment, to totally involved in work and having new present relationships that are flourishing. Roberta is held in my highest regard.” B.S. 


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