Your February Energy Clearing Is Here

Your February Energy Clearing Is Here _Uncomfortable in my own skin, Highly sensitive person, people-pleaser

Practice These Four Tools to Glide Through the First Few Months of 2024

To start, do you repeat and recycle phrases like the ones below?

“It feels like the same/old again. I need help to get different results.”

“I’m tired of family drama.”

“Financial worry is keeping me up at night.”

“I’m so overwhelmed!”

“I’m uncomfortable in my own skin.”

Clients repeat phrases like this throughout the beginning of the year because of frustration and seek quicker and more efficient options than traditional coaching or therapy. This is especially true for a highly sensitive person or HSP.

I’ve put together four practical tools from my practice, referred to as Rescript coaching, to kickstart an energy clearing through the first quarter. 

Read these tips and meet me at the bottom of this article.

Tip 1. Find out if you’re an HSP.

Explore your sensitivities and learn how to evolve with them instead of making them a detriment.

One out of five people share highly emotional traits. HSP, or highly sensitive person signs include being more easily overwhelmed, emotional, or deeply moved by poetry or art. Is this you? Find out here.

A typical verbal energy block: “It’s so hard to navigate my marriage. I’m bothered by everything he does!”

And then feel better when you don’t repeat, “I’m uncomfortable in my own skin.”


Tip 2. Breathe deeply when you’re triggered.

Do you know that 80% of people subconsciously hold their breath when stressed? That can create sympathetic nervous system reactions that lead to blocked or negative energy.

If you’re easily angered, your heart rate increases. It’s time to balance your energy to breathe calmly again.

A typical verbal energy block: “I’m always worried and don’t trust anyone.


Tip 3. Set yourself up to win. Look for ways to lessen stress and busyness. 

Speak to a holistic life coach, or sign up for a program like Rescript coaching, to feel more comfortable in your own skin, take breaks during your work day, and start decluttering to stay in the flow.  

A typical verbal energy block: “I’m trying to finish a project, but I can’t stay on task.”


Tip 4. Stop people-pleasing habits.

Set new boundaries around your time and energy to finally say “no” when frivolously conveying “yes.”

Imagine a pie: Do you feel like you always give everyone a slice but leave none for yourself? Self-esteem may be needed with the help of a guide.

A typical verbal energy block: “I’m frustrated because my friends don’t call, write, or text. I’m doing all the work!”

If you found these four tips helpful, or maybe you resonated with one of the blocked energy phrases above, it’s time to experience the “magic” of Rescripting, a comfortable, interactive, holistic life coaching program that covers a lot of ground with rapid, long-term results. 

99% of clients return for additional sessions after completing their first package.

Rescripting, also known as Rescript coaching, helps you heal stagnant energy and finally feel like yourself again, especially if you’re a highly sensitive person.

Make this the last time you say, “I’m uncomfortable in my own skin!”

If you’ve been putting off getting a jump start on your goals, can’t hold yourself accountable, or are uncomfortable in your own skin, try a new transformational approach that clears your energy for a healthier beginning of 2024.

Take care, 


P.S. Here’s a link to get started.


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