You’re Looking for Results in the Wrong Place

You’re Looking for Results in the Wrong Place

Are you truly ready for actual, lasting healing results?

If you feel alone and caught in a storm of turbulent emotions, you might be tempted to turn to DIY at-home self-help materials.

Searching the bookstore if you’re an HSP, highly sensitive person?

Looking for answers on the internet if you feel uncomfortable in your own skin?

Self-help books, self-guided courses, and YouTube videos promoting successful personal evolution are lovely. I’m a huge fan of them, but they can’t build a unique roadmap with you or listen to your goals and dreams.

There’s NO SUBSTITUTE for the transformation of a 1:1 coaching experience.

Tired of exhausting limiting beliefs?

Put the books down! They can’t ask you probing questions and certainly can’t offer expert guidance after hearing your story, tell you why you’re uncomfortable in your own skin, or diagnose you with solutions if you’re a highly sensitive person.

Just reading words or listening to a video rarely provides massive transformations, let alone lasting results.

I’ve got a better approach.

If you’re uncomfortable in your own skin and ready for something more than a book, this message may resonate.


Without expert advice, you might stay trapped in your own head without a valid perspective.

Let me offer you a new road map to regain confidence. 

Sign up for a discovery call and begin your journey to self-fulfillment and newfound confidence.

With over 30 years of experience as a holistic life coach, I’ve seen how   Rescripting’s proprietary methods are a game-changer to ensure you don’t fall back on stress, anxiety, and older negative patterns that have derailed you.

1:1 Rescripting coaching support offers personalized attention, real-time feedback, and course correction on the spot to create meaningful change and lasting transformation, which is especially useful if you’re uncomfortable in your own skin, or a highly sensitive person.

Sign up here to see if you’re a fit, and let’s schedule time together to co-create a life that releases you from stress, anxiety, and overwhelm and brings you back to happiness.

“Working with Roberta is always wonderful. She can help me, even in one session, get right to the issue and ease its burden. I wasn’t sure how meeting virtually would go, but it felt like Roberta was in the room with me. Her vibrant energy carried her right through the wires and into my home. I can’t recommend her enough, especially if you seek the sweet spot between mind and bodywork.” CK New York

Be well,

PS. You don’t have to do it alone anymore. 1:1 guidance is here.

“Roberta is a Godsend! She’s so personal and accommodating, and she explains everything she’s doing to provide a harmonious, integrated, and effective way of healing. I’m so grateful.” A.S.


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Known for her successful treatment of mystery illnesses, Roberta Mittman and her team at Rescript Your Life Now combine an integrative, functional medicine approach with the appropriate lab testing.

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